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Ellice Lueders

writer, photographer, editor ⎪ Bowdoin College, Class of 2018 ⎪ California, Arizona, Maine

The Bowdoin Orient
Maine Street's new king: Adrian Reyes thrives with new hair studio

I had to wait for my interview with Adrian Reyes, barber and owner of Kings and Queens Hair Studio on Maine Street. My wait was more comfortable than inconvenient-his lobby is warm, adorned by well-stuffed black leather couches and new issues of Allure.

"At All in Earnest," ENGL 2856 and VART 2403, Bowdoin College
On Maintenance

A Profile of Matt Laffely

The Bowdoin Orient
Keeping Eveningstar Cinema alive as Brunswick population ages

Barry Norman does not sit still. Trying to get a photo of him between facial expressions is nearly impossible-he talks a mile a minute and gestures with equal frequency. When he talks he goes on a lot of tangents and pursues them completely. "I'm an insomniac," he said blithely.

The Bowdoin Orient
Reverend Geoff Parker on finding God in a Winnebago

It wasn't easy to get First Parish Church's Reverend Geoff Parker to talk about himself. His tone was easily humble, but when he speaks about church, his voice goes up a little like it's filled with hope and home.

The Bowdoin Orient
A family affair: variety at Uncle Tom's Market

Upon entering Uncle Tom's Market on Pleasant Street, I was immediately greeted by André-a bouncy, moplike bichon frise-who hangs out there with his owner, Dan Bouthot. Dan inherited the store from his father, Leoneide Thomas "Uncle Tom" Bouthot. As uncle to more than a dozen nieces and nephews, the market's name is homage to a family man.

The Bowdoin Orient
Bath Cycle & Ski fosters unique community

The workshop at Bath Cycle & Ski is an actual garage, attached to the foyer storefront of a carved up Victorian in Woolwich, ME. In it, there's a ramp featuring a black mat with holes punched out and filled with beer bottle caps. The ceiling is covered with bike wheels, stickers and tools.

The Bowdoin Orient
Good times and family ties: Michaud's Market draws generations of locals

The first time I heard the concept "sense of place" was at convocation my freshman year. Former President Mills said in his speech, "Here, we recognize that place matters. Maine is an essential part of Bowdoin, and Bowdoin is a part of Maine." This resonated with me-the relationship between the college and its surrounding area.