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I am a writer, editor and storyteller with a passion for learning and understanding the differences and commonalities between people, places and cultures. We all have a story to tell. Let me help you share yours.

Humana News
2013 National Senior Games: It's never too late

By Ellen Nason Harold Bach started running at 72, beat cancer in his 80s and won gold medals in the 50­-meter, 100-­meter, 200­-meter and 400-­meter races this week at the 2013 National Senior Games. He is 93.

Reaching new heights: Therapeutic equestrian center is changing lives

By Ellen Nason "Can I do it myself?" asked Maddie Gilliland as she grasped a grooming brush. "Look how tall I am," said the tiny 4-year-old sitting atop Stella, a very big horse. Maddie, who was born with spina bifida, was not expected to have the mobility to be the independent child she has become.

Starting Right, Now: Giving teens a home and hope for the future

By Ellen Nason (Note: This is the first in a series of videos and articles profiling the three winners of this year's $350,000 Humana Communities Benefit grants.) La'Quita Carter led the hectic life of a typical high school student: classes, part-time job, sports, social activities.

Chicago nonprofit brings urban farm to food desert, sowing seeds for change

By Ellen Nason (Note: This is the third in a series of videos and articles profiling the three winners of this year's $350,000 Humana Communities Benefit grants.) The PCC Community Wellness Cente r in Chicago's Austin neighborhood was built with an all-glass front to visually demonstrate that all local residents are welcome to come in, said Robert Urso, President and CEO of the center.

2015 National Senior Games: Humana Game Changers make every day count

By Ellen Nason John Bates collapsed while competing on a tennis court eight years ago. There was little hope for his survival. A chaplain was summoned to help comfort his wife when it appeared that emergency medical efforts were failing to jolt his heart into beating again.

Up2Us: Coach-mentors using power of sports to transform children's lives

By Ellen Nason On most evenings, Raul Alcala, 16, can be found at the Chicago Youth Boxing Club, exercising and training with his coach, Gabriel Navarro. Raul, a Junior Olympian, is a talented and dedicated athlete who takes his training seriously, but his main focus is not on winning competitions in the ring.

2015 National Senior Games: Hometown heroes

Thousands of athletes from across the country are participating in the 2015 National Senior Games, presented by Humana. Many have stories that show incredible courage, resiliency, determination and a love of life. Many seem forever young and their faces show the pure joy of play as they cross the finish line, slap the wall at the end of the pool or hit the winning shot.

Veggie Rx: Prescription for better health

By Ellen Nason Karyn Moskowitz's passion for providing everyone access to good, affordable food led her to form New Roots in 2009, sowing seeds for healthy change in lower-income areas in Louisville, Kentucky. Five years later, the people living in those areas are reaping the rewards of having access to locally grown produce as they work together to make their communities stronger and healthier.

mmLearn.org: Providing education, support to caregivers

By Ellen Nason (Note: This is the second in a series of videos and articles profiling the three winners of this year's $350,000 Humana Communities Benefit grants.) Those with Alzheimer's face a long, lonely and uncertain journey, often falling into deep depression as the disease robs them of their memories and independence.

National Senior Games Association
There’s No Reining in Marion Lisehora

Marion Lisehora never hesitates to jump at a chance to try something new, whether it is basketball, volleyball, softball, track and field, swimming, gymnastics…or diving off a 40-foot platform into a tank of water on the back of a horse.

National Senior Games Association
Pass It to Me...and Me...and Me

Pass It 2-Me is a catchy name for a men’s 80-84 basketball team. It’s an even more clever name when you realize that it refers to three brothers on the same team.

National Senior Games Association
Determination Gives Tennis Champ Advantage On and Off Court

Elizabeth “Bobette” McCracken, 81, is a cancer survivor who faces challenges – on and off the court - with determination and the heart of a champion. She has competed in marathons and triathlons, but her true love has been tennis since she was a child growing up in Stonington, CT, where she still lives.

Team Up 4 Health: Power of community is changing lives

By Ellen Nason After winning a Team Up 4 Health scavenger hunt in a park in Pineville, Kentucky, Kelly Wilder was all smiles when she sat down to tell the story of her most valuable discovery: She holds the key to a happier and healthier life.

Boys & Girls Clubs team up to teach life skills on basketball court

By Ellen Nason Two teams from neighboring Indiana cities in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana basketball league were warming up to play a game on a recent Wednesday evening. Excited fans filled the bleachers, cheerleaders gave encouragement and the competitors were full of energy and ready to play.

Humana News
2015 National Senior Games: Inspiring better health at every age - Humana News

By Ellen Nason Hao-Ming Siu considers himself to be a typical senior in terms of athletic accomplishments, but most of us would not consider him typical at all. He began running to improve his health after college, soon qualified for the Boston Marathon, still works out daily and will compete in his fifth National Senior...

Covering Mississippi Tour: Bringing hope for a healthier future

By Ellen Nason Mississippi gets a failing grade on its overall health, according to a recent report card issued by the Mississippi State Medical Association and the state's Department of Health. The Magnolia State remains lodged near the bottom nationally in several health categories.

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