Ellen Friedrichs

Health & Sexuality Educator & Writer

I'm a health educator, writer and mom to three kids. I run a middle and high school health education program in Brooklyn and teach in the health education department at Brooklyn College. For a number of years I was a contributing writer for Everyday Feminism and for many years I edited About.com's LGBT teens site. These days
a lot of my writing can be found at Rewire News. I've also written for the Washington Post, the HuffPost and others. Plus, I answer questions on the okayso app. Much of my writing is related to health and sexuality (both of the adolescent and the adult variety), and some of it covers my experiences parenting. Contact me at [email protected]



Everyone is Gay

5 Tips For Talking To Your LGBTQ Child About Sexual Health

Talking to your LGBTQ+ kids about sexuality can seem daunting. These 5 tips will help you have these important conversations.

Nature Medicine

On the Pill

This month marks the fiftieth anniversary of the approval of oral contraception in the US, and the Pill's age is starting to show. Problems abound with its delivery, dosage and...


To Test or Not, for This Rare Bone Marrow Disease?

The bone marrow disease called CAMT is extremely rare among the general population. It may have long gone undiagnosed, especially among Ashkenazi Jews.


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Articles on cord banking and naked toddlers

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LGBT+ Teens

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Creating Community Standards Around Sexuality

The CSE's National Sex Ed Conference

Presentation at the National Sex Ed Conference.

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Park Slope Parents

Recommendations for what to say to your middle schooler, what you can stop worrying about, and how you can make this communication as healthy, informative, and comfortable as...

What’s Changed, What Hasn’t & How Believing the Hype Harms Youth Sexual Health

Sex:Tech Conference



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Real Talk: Yep, Herpes Is Still Happening (One in Every Six People Have it!)

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Safe Words

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