Elizabeth Sander

Journalist, Recent Grad

United States

I'm a recent graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism and journalist with 3 years experience including print, digital, audio and photo. I seek to take an investigative approach to each story I write, whether it's 800 words or an investigative project, using data and public records to build my case. In other words, I leave no stone unturned.

My bylines include Observer Media, Her Campus, Horse Illustrated, I Love The Upper West Side Blog, The Midtown Gazette, BostonChefs.com and The Tufts Daily. I specialize in local news, education, business and culture. Currently, I'm a National Writer for Her Campus, where I write content across all verticals including breaking news, mental health and relationships.

Occasionally I’ll dabble in the creative sphere, publishing personal essays and (just a smidge of) poetry.

Contact: [email protected]



"Little Pinch": An Independent Pharmacy Stays Alive in Manhattan

The nationwide decline of independently-owned pharmacies has breached Manhattan, once a city rich with such pharmacies on practically every other block. Already struggling to keep afloat in the midst of threats from large chains and discrimination from insurance companies, the pandemic was the final straw. Now, they’re doing everything they can to stay alive. Across St. John the Divine in the heart of Morningside Heights, Town Drug has historically been a cornerstone of the neighborhood. Now,...


The Midtown Gazette
Complaints About Chelsea's Dirty Sidewalks Soar as Tourism Returns

Arthur Tang keeps latex gloves and plastic bags in the downstairs entry to his Chelsea townhouse. Each day, he uses these materials to pick up trash that collects in the dip in his street. It’s not a pleasant task, but if he doesn’t do it, he said no one will.

Horse Illustrated Magazine
What Happened to the Central Park Horse Show?

A horse show inside one of the most densely populated urban landscapes in the country doesn't happen often. But the Central Park Horse Show brought elite horses to the city-for four years in a row. That streak ended in 2017 after subsequent scheduling issues. And an anticipated return in 2020 was sidelined by COVID-19.

Her Campus
Breonna Taylor: What You Need to Know About the Grand Jury Indictment

In March, 26-year-old Breonna Taylor was shot to death by officers who were executing a "no-knock" warrant for drugs. Following the raid in which she was struck by eight bullets, Taylor died in the hallway of her apartment. On Wednesday, a Kentucky grand jury announced its verdict following the investigation into Taylor's shooting.


Her Campus
Gold Medalists Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky on Setting Goals & Taking the Unexpected in Stride

There are few people more qualified to speak about goal-setting than Olympic Gold Medalists Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky. In Capital One and Visa’s latest Vision Board-making event, it’s fitting that Simone and Katie were chosen to show their own 2021 vision boards and discuss the complexities behind goal-setting, and what to do when those goalposts move farther away, as was the case with the postponed 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

Her Campus
Pentatonix on Their New Holiday Album & Why They're Caroling for a Cause

It's no secret that the Pentatonix five are at the a capella reigns of holiday music. From chart-toppers like their cover of 'Hallelujah' and 'Little Drummer Boy' to the boppy chest-tapping beat behind 'White Winter Hymnal,' I often wonder if they can top what they've already produced. But 2020 is the year of surprises, and Pentatonix has somehow managed to do exactly that.

Personal Essays

Her Campus
Zoom Therapy Worked For Me, But I'm Happy To Return To The Office

Online therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic may have worked for me, but I couldn't have been more pleased to finally return to the office. Though it's beneficial that online therapy is a more accessible version, the difference is noticeable among both therapists and patients, myself included.

Her Campus
How to Embrace Uncertainty in the Job Market, From a Recent Grad

So, it's the second month of 2021, and if you're like me, you're a recent college graduate... without a job. Maybe you're waiting to hear back from graduate school (also me), or perhaps you're finishing up your studies and are surrounded by friends with full-time positions lined up for next year.

Her Campus
Even if Biden Wins This Election, I Can't Bring Myself to Pop the Champagne

As a proud Democrat who's been canvassing for Democratic campaigns since 2008 at the age of seven, when Obama and Biden first ran for office, I will be ecstatic if Biden wins this election. No, wait, I'll be more than ecstatic - I'll be jumping for joy. But I can't bring myself to pop the champagne.

The Tufts Daily
Spag's: The Fun Store, a Tufts mystery revealed - The Tufts Daily

If you have walked around the Residential Quad at Tufts University anytime in the last three weeks, chances are the storage trailer outside of Houston Hall has caught your attention. Perhaps you have seen the zoomed-in Instagram stories or the memes circulating Facebook. Maybe you have even heard students joking about the trailer in Carmichael ...


The Tufts Daily
Coates speaks about 'The Water Dancer,' his quest to create a counter-story

The Chevalier Theater in Medford welcomed National Book Award Winner Ta-Nehisi Coates on Oct. 18 to speak about his latest work "The Water Dancer" (2019), a fictional work following protagonist Hiram as he recounts his escape from slavery. He and other characters in the novel, like Harriet Tubman, have magical powers which help them escape.

The Tufts Daily
Kantor, Twohey, Judd in conversation about new book 'She Said'

Authors Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey gathered at the First Parish Church in Cambridge on Monday to discuss their recently published book, "She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story that Helped Ignite a Movement" (2019). This book surrounds the work that both Twohey and Kantor did as New York Times investigative reporters to break the Harvey Weinstein ...

The Tufts Daily
David Grann speaks about his book 'Killers of the Flower Moon'

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy graduate David Grann (F'92) visited Tufts University on Monday to speak about his renowned book "Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI" (2017). The nonfiction work details the systematic murders of the members of the Osage Nation for their money in the ...


Her Campus
11 Women-Owned Brands You *Need* in Your Life This Women's History Month

Most women-owned brands are pretty great, especially if that woman is also at the helm of operations and design. We tend to know what we’re doing. To prove it, here's a list of some of the most unique (and talked-about, duh) women-owned brands for you to check out this Women’s History Month.

Her Campus
8 Ways to Make Your Holiday Shopping the Most Cost-Effective it Can Be this Season

Whether you love doing it or not, there's no doubt that holiday shopping is overwhelming. And holiday shopping online can be even more so. Plus, after shipping and upcharging, it can be really expensive, and with online holiday shopping sales predicted to be through the roof this year, it's going to be of vital importance to save money wherever you can. So here are eight of the hottest tips and tricks to help you keep your shopping costs low this holiday season.

Susu Accessories: Mochilla Bags Handmade by Wayuu Knitters

At Frangipani, one of our most beloved Colombian brands is Susu Accessories. We love being a part of their incredible business and mission (and the beautiful bags, of course!). As a part of our blog's mini-series on Frangipani's Colombian brands, I had the opportunity to interview Laura McMahon, one of the partners of Susu Accessories.

Her Campus
The College Dorm Decor 10 Students Can't Live Without

Many students and recent grads have a piece of decor or furniture that has traveled with them throughout all four years of college, whether something personal, a mundane item that grew sentimental over time or something practical that was useful to keep around. I surveyed current students and recent grads about the college dorm decor that lasted throughout their four years. Here's what they had to say.

Her Campus
Met Gala 2019 Theme Will be 'Camp: Notes on Fashion' & Here's What That Means

The 2019 Met Gala will take place on May 6th, with red carpet coverage beginning at 7pm Eastern time. This year's theme is Camp: Notes on Fashion. When most people think of camp, they think of hot summer nights in cabins and staying up late to make friendship bracelets. This "Camp" is decidedly quite different.


Boston Chefs
Citrus & Salt's Sarah Baker is Back Behind the Bar

Citrus and salt, two pivotal ingredients in any margarita worth drinking, are also the namesake of Back Bay's gloriously Instagrammable food and drink destination. Learn what Cocktail Director, Sarah Baker, has to say about Citrus & Salt’s post-pandemic trajectory and just how their fabulous cocktail trends are set.

Boston Chefs
Spoke's Katie Weismann is Back Behind the Bar

Over the last few months, Katie Weismann hasn't been able to spend as much time behind bar at Spoke - the intimate Davis Square wine bar was closed for indoor dining and then for a winter hibernation - but her creativity has soared.

Boston Chefs
Rosé All Day at The Inn at Hastings Park

Rosé season is upon us! And the serene, boutique getaway in historic Lexington, MA is ready for it. Be sure to plan an outing to, for an unforgettable The Inn at Hastings Park, where they'll be reopening their blissful Culinary Garden.

Confinement Kitchen
Olive Oil and Honey Glazed Heirloom Carrots

With a hint of sweetness from the wildflower honey, and a deep flavor from the olive oil and thyme, these multicolored carrots shine like the stars they are. This recipe will make a cooked-carrot-lover out of anyone!

Confinement Kitchen
An Ode to Crazy Burger, in Narragansett, RI

Oh, what a wondrous place you are! Crazy Burger, a delicious restaurant in Narragansett, Rhode Island, has been a mecca for my family ever since I was a child. Their food is delicious, of course, but for us, that’s not what makes it special.

Confinement Kitchen
Tangy Tomatillo Salsa

A mild yet pleasantly lip-puckering twist on one of the most delicious salsas around. Hints of smokiness from the broiled tomatillos and the perfect bite from the jalapeño, this isn't a recipe to miss.


Apple's Latest Invention: Yes, It's a Credit Card

An Apple-made credit card? Add to cart! With the newly released Apple-Card, what seemed to be the good intentions of Apple have turned out to be uncomfortably vague. Remember, a credit card is a credit card. Find out how the brand-trustworthiness of Apple may result in pitfalls for Apple Card users.

This Social Media App Was Designed to Get You Off Social Media... and Your Couch

Traveling is hard. Specifically, planning for travel is hard. That's why many people book travel agents or use various online booking sites to lump together a vacation. Yelp or TripAdvisor can be helpful, but they're also full of negative reviews and more, so how does one sift through the negativity to find the gems? With Pao, it's no more difficult than a tap on the screen.


Her Campus
Seven Takeaways From my First Editorial Internship

I did an internship in journalism, so you don't have to! Kidding, of course; you totally should go for it! But in case you want a little more insight into an editorial internship at an online media platform, I compiled a list of what I learned during my summer at Observer.