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Elizabeth Ononiwu

Writer, Storyteller, Artist

Location icon Canada

I am a freelance writer that loves creating content on topics relating to faith, women's health issues, race, culture and much more.

I have worked as a staff writer for Canada's #1 award winning online magazine for Black Canadians, and I'm currently a Senior Staff Writer at the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus online magazine, The Underground.

I have also done freelance work for many other Canadian publications.

I am a senior at the University of Toronto set to graduate in June 2020 with a BA in Journalism, and a diploma in Contemporary Journalism.

For any work related inquiries, email me at: [email protected]

The Toronto Observer
Birth control app 'Natural Cycles' grows in popularity | The Toronto Observer

Esmee Henstra , 23, had suffered years of side effects from her birth control . She took the pill for five years, but the hormones made her feel anxious and depressed. Then she tried the copper coil, which is a small t-shaped copper and plastic intrauterine device inserted into the womb . - #1 online magazine for Black Canadians
Why 'This Is North Preston' Doesn't Do Justice to Canada's Oldest Black Community

Released on May 17, the documentary, "This is North Preston" follows the journey of R&B artist Just Chase and the community he grew up in. In the film, the singer leads us back to his hometown for a walk down memory lane. I met Chase for a sit down interview...

The Toronto Observer
Toronto midwife can get the call at any hour | The Toronto Observer

Jyothy Nair's work schedule isn't like most Torontonians: once every three weeks, she's on call for every hour of every day of that week. Nair, 41, has been a midwife for eight years. She works at Diversity Midwives, a clinic located at 10 Bimbrok Rd. in Scarborough. - #1 online magazine for Black Canadians
Toronto Celebrated Emancipation All Month Long For The First Time

For Dewitt Lee, co-founder of Emancipation Month Canada, August is more than just a time to host city-wide events; it's a time for change. August 1, 2019 marked the first time in Toronto's history that Emancipation Day became a month-long celebration. This change was also accompanied by the raising of the Pan-African flag at City Hall.

More Than Just a Superhero Movie, 'Black Panther' is Also a Social Commentary on Blackness

Vibrant, African-inspired outfits. Technological 'magic.' Soundtracks infused with the union of coast-to-coast authentic African beats and contemporary hip-hop and R&B. The affirming representation of native African cultures and languages, pitted against the vivid backdrop of present day African American neighbourhoods. These are only some of the things that make Black Panther such a ground-breaking film.

"Dear White People" review

In a time of continuous racial tension around the world, a show on a mainstream streaming website might be the most appropriate way to give people an understanding of different individual's backgrounds. First released as a movie before being turned into a Netflix original TV series, "Dear White People" chronicles the highs and lows of students at the fictitious Ivy League school, Winchester University.

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