Elise Wouters

United Kingdom

desire with discipline, romanticise to excess.

Language and the Experience of Desire

A few summers ago, I found myself tongue-tied on a first date. As I struggled for the right words, I folded cocktail napkins into sailboats to occupy my hands.


What holds the key to desire? In an age of instant gratification and constant communication, with sex virtually at our fingertips, moments of mystery feel hard to come by and easy to bypass. Yet scientists suggest that the most powerful dopamine kick can take place in the anticipatory stages, when the neurochemistry of romantic potential runs high.

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This NSFW 'Fifty Shades' poem perfectly sums up Brexit

If you're getting fed up of Brexit, you're not the only one. However, this writer has decided to add a sprinkle of 'Fifty Shades' to a poem about Brexit, and it's really spiced things up. Belgian writer, poet and visual artist Elise Wouters has turned her pen to the most tumultuous political situati...