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I am a Freelance Writer and Senior Bookseller based in London. I have bylines in the Observer New Review, The Times Magazine, [smiths] magazine, AYoungerTheatre, Radical Art Review, Porridge Zine, Cool Brother and UnderPinned.

I'm co-founding editor of Away With Words; Selected Verse. We have published two volumes (9781789267075) with forewords written by Amy Key and Rebecca Tamás and support from Jack Underwood and Rebecca Perry.

I'm currently working for UnderPinned Magazine as a Cultural Columnist where I write paid weekly pieces.

Outsider Arts

Floating in the dusty peripheries of mainstream arts and culture, you will find the locus of this week's cultural preoccupation; Outsider Art(s). Coined in 1972 by the critic Roger Cardinal, Outsider Art was presented as an English equivalent of what French critics named 'art brut'; typically regarded as harsh, unskilled artistic products.

Filthy and Furious Freelance Culture

I learnt about the origins of the punk movement from BBC Four documentaries I taped off the TV in the leafy confines of North Devon where the internet connection was too piss-poor to watch even the most lo-fi of YouTube videos.

H(A)PPY by Nicola Barker: Review

Perhaps characterised as the novel that no-one quite knows how to pronounce correctly ("happy with parenthesis?") Nicola Barker's H(A)PPY is a flourish of narrative self-surveillance moulded in a universe where one's thoughts are moderated by Sensors for the collective pursuit of perfection.

It's never too late to be a stand‑up comedian

The first time Sindhu Vee tried her hand at stand-up comedy, she had no idea she was about to find her life's calling. Heading towards the age of 40, she assumed the time had gone for that sort of thing.

A Younger Theatre
Review: Mood Music, The Old Vic - A Younger Theatre

Propelled by the anxious collision of psychological expression and repression, Mood Music interrogates the boundaries of creative ownership and the extent to which we are emotionally invested in our artistic products. Written by Joe Penhall (Sunny Afternoon, Blue/Orange) and directed by Roger Michell, the piece chronicles the ego-clash of producer Bernard (Ben Chaplin) and wide-eyed vocalist and protégé, Cat (Seána Kerslake).

Review: Notorious: The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein

Drawing on the canon of queer and radical feminist performance art, Lauren Barri Holstein's Notorious at the Barbican Centre is a slap in the face of convention. Alternatively known as 'The Famous', Holstein pushes, prods and (literally) pisses on formal representations of the female body in an anarchic, brash cacophony of saccharine pop, feathers and vaginal secretions; foregrounding the abject.

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