Elin Boyd

Editor, proofreader & writer

Location icon UAE, Sweden, UK

I'm a freelance editor, proofreader, sub-editor and writer specialising in healthcare and lifestyle.
With more than 14 years experience across a wide range of media -- magazines, direct marketing and education publishing, I have built up a solid background and knowledge of the publishing process, from idea to finished product.
I'm happy to help you with:
- Editing and proofreading -- reports, articles, studies, features, marketing material, websites, press releases and internal communications

-Rewriting -- technical copy for a general audience, tricky translations that need a bit more work, longer research in to shorter articles or news pieces

-Writing/content creation -- feature articles, interviews, press releases, blog entries, web and marketing collateral

Arab Health magazine
Fighting the superbug: Strategies to achieve zero hospital-acquired infections

Why is it so hard to fight hospital-acquired infections? Or is the question: What can be done to achieve zero HAIs? The biggest challenge healthcare institutions are facing in the fight against HAI’s today is the implementation of evidence-based practices, consistently built in to the daily workflow to prevent and eliminate healthcare-associated infections.

Hospital Build & Infrastructure Magazine
Lessons from Disney: Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Healthcare organisations are successfully adopting best practice from outside industries; take the Toyota Production System for example that introduced Lean processes to hospitals. Or simulation training, something that the aviation industr y pioneered and is now used in medical universities the world over. So, what can hospitals learn from ‘the happiest place on earth’–Walt DisneyWorld?

MEDLAB magazine
New biomarkers in the fight against lungcancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world with 1.35 million new cases diagnosed every year. The incidence is generally higher in men worldwide, but women are quickly catching up, with lung cancer currently being the forth most common cancer amongst the female population. In Abu Dhabi lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths amongst men and the sixth most common cancer in women.

Hospital Build & Infrastructure Magazine
GCC healthcare market to become $44bn industry by 2015

The last few years have seen massive investment and expansion in the healthcare industry within the UAE, as is evident from the construction and licensing of various specialist hospitals, clinics and universities, particularly in the free zones. This growth has been driven by the increased role of international healthcare service providers, resulting in the increased numbers of international insurers and reinsurers that are being exposed to medical malpractice in the UAE.

Hospital Build & Infrastructure Magazine
IN FOCUS: Dr Sarper Tanli, Vice President of Methodist International, Dubai, UAE

As part of our new series of personal portraits of industry leaders in the field, the editorial team got the opportunity to interview Dr Tanli, one of the leading experts in the field of hospital build and infrastructure, with vast experience in the planning, development and operations of healthcare, both in the Middle East and further afield.

Arab Health magazine
British healthcare worldwide

Officially launched at Arab Health 2013, Healthcare UK is a strategic initiative by the British government, a joint venture between the UK Department for Health, the National Health Service (NHS) Commissioning Board and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) that offers partnerships and collaborations between the UK and overseas governments to support landmark healthcare projects.

Arab Health magazine
Penetrating the African market

Healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa remains the worst in the world, with few countries able to spend the US$34-40 a year per person that the World Health Organization considers the minimum for basic healthcare. Most of the region also lacks the infrastructure to deliver healthcare and faces a severe shortage of trained medical personnel.

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