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I write about the internet and other things. Previously a reporter based in Cardiff and Guildford. This is where I keep my cuttings, plus some presenting work I've been doing recently.



Live at Carnegie Library with the Guardian

I presented a live broadcast from Carnegie library in London, with campaigners who had been occupying the building for nine days. The council has closed the library and were planning to reopen as part private gym, part host to shelves of books with no dedicated staff. Campaigners argued it would fail to fuilfil the function of a library. Experimented by giving the camera to some campaigners so they could show the scene inside (we tried to get in ourselves - too much security!)

Sianel Pump (Welsh-language)
PUMP: 5 Elena

The first episode of a web-show for Welsh-language channel Sianel Pump. (subtitled version here:

The Guardian live with Sisters Uncut

I presented the Guardian's first ever Facebook live video, interviewing Sisters Uncut who were protesting against cuts to domestic violence services.

the Guardian
Tech Weekly presents Updog: Duck Army

First episode of an experimental podcast about the internet – called Updog. (do ask us what's up) We interviewed the dude behind the super-viral Duck Army.

The Guardian

the Guardian
Lonelygirl15: how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet

In June 2006, a 16-year-old girl began a video blog on YouTube. Her name was Bree, she'd been lurking in the burgeoning community for a while. She was a self-described dork, she thought her hometown was really boring - "Maybe that's why I spend so much time on my computer ..."

the Guardian
#VoteBeaver is the EU referendum campaign we never knew we needed

Welsh politics and the EU referendum doesn't sound like the most fun thing to be talking about on a Friday afternoon. Yet a vandalised Vote Leave sign in mid-Wales is doing the rounds this week, leading to an unlikely mock-campaign for a third candidate in the EU referendum.

the Guardian
Cymru v Gwlad Belg - fel digwyddodd

Os bod Cymru yn ennill y gêm yma, fydd Cymru 'di mynd yn bellach yn twrnaith mawr yn y 20 flunedd dwi wedi bod yn gwylio pêl droed nag Lloegr wedi mynd unrhyw amser yn y 20 flynedd dwi 'di bod yn gwylio pêl droed

the Guardian
How the NHS saved us

Over the past four weeks, the Guardian has been reporting on one of the most complex organisations in the world: the NHS. As part of the project, we asked our readers to tell us if there was a time the NHS saved their life.

British teenage jihadi believed to have been killed in Syria

A 19-year-old from Brighton who "dreamed about martyrdom" is believed to be the latest British jihadi to be killed in Syria, having died in the past 48 hours. Militants in the war-torn country say Khalil al-Britani, whose real name is Ibrahim Kamara, died after a US air strike on Aleppo this week.

#YesAllWomen: how Twitter reacted to the shootings in California

Late on Friday, a 22-year-old man killed six people and injured 13 more in the college town of Isla Vista in California. Police confirmed British-born Elliot Rodger stabbed three people and shot three others before taking his own life.

Founder of Women Who Eat on Tubes claims Facebook has taken group down

Update: A spokesperson for Facebook has clarified the situation. Facebook say the group was accidentally deleted this morning but was reinstated and changed to a private group by one of the group's administrators. The founder of controversial Facebook group Women Who Eat on Tubes claimed Facebook removed the page - but the group was actually accidentally deleted before being reinstated on Friday morning.

the Guardian
Let them eat cake: women hit back at fat-shaming troll

Sometimes, when it comes to internet trolls, the best thing to do is grab a slice of cake. At least that's what one sewing blogger's followers decided after an internet troll came out of nowhere to tell her she should "eat less cake".

the Guardian
How to fake a giant rat (and why you shouldn't trust pictures on the internet)

A man in London has claimed to have found a rat bigger than a small dog and a cat put together - but all is probably not what it seems. You know how it goes by now: up pops a picture of someone holding a rat at arm's length, while a headline blazes something along the lines of: "LOOK AT THIS GIANT RAT!".

#WhyImVotingUkip - when a hashtag goes wrong

We're not sure this is what Ukip had in mind when they said "let's get this trending". After the party's spectacular failure to organise a carnival was played out in 140-character bursts, Twitter has yet again been poking fun at Ukip. This time, with not-so-serious tweets about why they would be voting Ukip in the European elections.

Why did an offensive Greggs logo show up in Google's web search?

Greggs fell afoul of the Google algorithm on Tuesday when an alternative logo popped up to anyone searching for the company. Instead of the company's official logo, an image with the slogan: "Providing shit to scum for over 70 years." Classist, crass and a far cry from the company's actual slogan: "Always fresh.

'I am alive!' - medic injured in Kiev tweets after surviving bullet wound

A young woman who tweeted "I'm dying" after she was shot in the neck in Kiev has posted a message on Twitter announcing she is alive. Olesya Zhukovskaya, 21, became an unexpected symbol of the protests in Ukraine after a grim photo of the volunteer medic circulated on social media on Thursday, coupled with a tweet from her account which read: "I'm dying".

University rugby club apologises for 'misogynist, homophobic' leaflet

London School of Economics' men's rugby club has issued an apology after publishing a leaflet describing women as "mingers" and "slags". The leaflet, reportedly distributed at the university's freshers' fair on Friday, also claimed the club did not tolerate "outright homosexual debauchery" in its initiations and encouraged would-be members to do their best to "pull a sloppy bird".

Swedish 'social experiment' shows people ignoring domestic abuse in a lift

A Swedish "social experiment" has shown only one person of 53 reacting to what seemed like a scene of domestic abuse in a lift. The video was posted by an organisation called STHLM Panda, which describes itself as "doing social experiments, joking with people and documenting the society we live in".

25 things you may have forgotten about the internet

The open web was 25-years-young on Wednesday - and it's amazing just how much has changed in the last quarter of a century. To celebrate the web's birthday we asked you to tell us about your first impressions of the internet.

What happens when you accidentally become internet famous?

pls rt bc everyone needs alex from target on their tl This weekend, the internet made a Target employee famous. Currently known only as "Alex from Target", all it took was for one person to tweet a picture of him.

The 10 tech commandments to avoid digital shame

Technology may have introduced us to a brave new world where anything is possible. Unfortunately, it's also increased our capacity to make utter fools of ourselves. We asked you for your worst tech mishaps - and boy, did you deliver.

Ten airport horror stories that will make you never want to fly again

After thousands of passengers were left without their baggage due to a conveyor belt glitch at Heathrow airport this week, we asked you to share some of your airport horror stories. Many of you shared anecdotes we could all relate to. From delayed flights to lost luggage and even a child apparently wanted by Interpol, you had it all.

the Guardian
How the NHS saved us

Over the past four weeks, the Guardian has been reporting on one of the most complex organisations in the world: the NHS. As part of the project, we asked our readers to tell us if there was a time the NHS saved their life.

the Guardian
'I cried all the way back': sexual harassment on public transport

This time last year, Transport for London launched a hard-hitting campaign against sexual assault and harassment on its services. Accompanied by a harrowing video of a woman experiencing sexual assault on the Tube, the campaign urged anyone who experienced unwanted sexual behaviour to report it to the police.

Cardiff 'stabbings': Two injured after attacks on city streets

A man has been arrested over the attacks and a knife recovered A woman is in hospital with a 'neck wound' after two people were attacked on Cardiff streets. Police descended on the Crwys Road area of the city in force after two people were attacked.

Ian Watkins: Court service apologises after naming female defendants

The names of the disgraced Lost Prophet singer's co-defendants were published on the court service's listings site The Court Service has apologised after "mistakenly" publishing the names of disgraced rockstar Ian Watkins' co-defendants. Both names were published on the court service's listing site and have since been removed.

Media Wales

Welsh universities have a sexism problem - it's time to sort it out

Following Cardiff University Football Club's reprimand for giving a presentation making light of spiking girls' drinks, domestic violence and rape, Elena Cresci says it's time to crack down on this "lad" culture Oh well done, Cardiff University Football Club - you've really done yourselves proud.

Is Sherlock the greatest drama the BBC has ever produced?

Elena Cresci is really enjoying the current series of Sherlock. And when we say really enjoying, we mean REALLY enjoying I'm just going to say what everyone is thinking - drunk Sherlock Holmes is the best thing the BBC has ever done.

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