Eleftheria Kousta

Freelance Journalist & Researcher

Having worked in the advocacy space, I am interested in covering the stories of civilians in conflict, refugees and protest movements. I am also always on the lookout for an opportunity to cross borders and write about it on my travel blog.

I am open for assignments or story tips.

The New Arab
Fighting for truth against Syria's disinformation regime

A Twitter user identifying as a Syrian Christian from Aleppo boasts on his banner an image of Bashar al-Assad drawn as Napoleon. He claims that the man who sits in the presidential chair as his country has spiralled into a decade-long brutal civil war is the only force in the republic that can defend Syrian values and bring stability back.

Waging Nonviolence
How Ukrainians are building online networks for resistance and mutual aid

Embed from Getty Images As the world watched Russia invade Ukraine this winter, many no doubt wondered what they would do if it was their friends and family under attack. Sitting behind a screen, as so many of us are most of the day, it can be hard to imagine the options at our fingertips.

United Against Inhumanity
Authoritarians are going to war, are we doing enough to hold them accountable?

A blog by Eleftheria Kousta When Russia went to war in support of the Syrian regime in 2015 it signaled what an armed intervention by an authoritarian government might look like. Now with the conflict in Ukraine feeding headlines daily with allegations of war crimes, questions linger on how best to approach issues of justice...

Writing for Refugees

A collection of essays, interviews, op-eds and more on refugee and asylum seeker issues for the UCL 'Student Action for Refugees' blog curated or written by me when I was the group's Publications Officer in 2021