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The State of the Arts

On their Twitter bio, TRASH describe themselves as '4 losers writing noisy pop songs', but with their growing success over the past few months, this self-deprecating moniker might just have to be retired.

The State Of The Arts
Review: Grimes @ 02 Academy, 07/03/2016 - The State Of The Arts

On the way to the Leeds O2 on Monday night, my friends and I were being critical of music reviews that were too hyperbolic. After seeing Grimes however, I left wondering how I was possibly going to review this particular gig without being a complete hypocrite and raving like a crazed fangirl.

Review: The Garden Party @ The Tetley

All images courtesy of Ella Healing] While festival goers flocked to Bramham Park in their hoards for the bank holiday weekend, the grounds of the old Tetley brewery were completely transformed for a very different musical event. Now in its tenth year, the Garden Party promised a vibrant weekend to rival any of the major Northern festivals, and it did not disappoint.

The State Of The Arts
Exhibition review: Crime and Punishment at Leeds's Abbey House Museum - The State Of The Arts

At first glance, visiting Abbey House's latest exhibition may seem like a morbid prospect. The history of Britain's legal system is complex and disturbing, but Abbey House presents this in a way that is both tasteful and honest. The British legal system is tracked from its roots as a brutal enforcer of punishment, to a model of protection and reform.

The Subways by The Subways | The Gryphon

I'm unashamed to say that The Subways provided the soundtrack to my awkward early teenage years, and with their new album I hoped they could soundtrack my awkward early adulthood too. The Subways did not disappoint.

3 Standout Bands at Fell Foot Sound

Tucked away in the Lake District with offerings of yurts, ale and spoken word poetry, 2015's Fell Foot Sound promises to fill the void in the North that Beacons left when it transformed into a 'Metro' festival this year.

Remove the head or destroy the brain? The Science of Zombie Killing | The Gryphon

Zombie apocalypses have become so common in our TV shows, films and video games, that the majority of the population probably have a rough survival plan should one strike. Zombies themselves have been prevalent in the media since the 1930s as reanimated ghouls, but in recent years the scientific explanations in films such as 28 Days Later could scare you into believing that a zombie apocalypse might actually happen.

The State Of The Arts
Leeds Gig Digest - March 2016 - The State Of The Arts

Now that we're 3 months and 3 days into our once-new year, the bountiful 2016, it seems the perfect time to enact the raft of new features and revitalised ideas any new year inevitably brings! Welcome back, with open arms if you will, TSOTA's very own Leeds Gig Digest - the legend to your musical map of the coming weeks.

The State Of The Arts
Review: Emmy the Great @ Belgrave Music Hall, 16/03/2016 - The State Of The Arts

When I first started listening to Emmy the Great in 2008, I was fourteen years old and First Love had just been released. At that time, I had no idea just how much the music of Emma Lee Moss would affect me. Through the years, her songs have taken different meanings as my experiences and ...


The Little Cook

Every budding baker should know how to make a basic sponge. For most of my cake recipes, you will undoubtedly recognise this recipe formula. It is versatile and can be altered easily to suit the purpose. I get this basic cake recipe from an old cookbook my Mum used throughout my childhood.


Tuscany, or Toscana, is my favourite region of Italy. The people are innately kind and hospitable, the food and weather are divine and the historic and cultural heritage is absolutely stunning. Petrarch, Dante and the best artists of the Renaissance also hail from Tuscany, giving the region a rich history when it comes to the arts.

After The End
After The End

The apocalypse is scheduled for 12 o'clock this Tuesday. A fireball is due to engulf and incinerate the entire Earth in barely a moment. All life extinguished instantly. One question remains... What would you do when the clock strikes 5 past?

The Scrapbooker in Berlin
The Scrapbooker in Berlin

My first full day in Berlin was a little uneventful, and consisted of finding the two local Lidl chains in my area and eating pasta. My second day in Berlin however, was a little more exciting. A good friend and her sister were in town for a city break, and suggested a visit to the Monsterkabinett installation.

Other Projects

The Panoptic
Travelling with mental health issues

I love travelling. As a child I was lucky that my parents would save up to take us on a holiday each year. Guernsey was my first trip not on the UK mainland, and for a five year old, travelling on a plane was immensely exciting.

The Daily Touch
14 Things You Shouldn't Say To a Student With Depression

Being a student is difficult; we're constantly stereotyped as lazy, shallow and pretty much always drunk. Being a student with a mental health concern is even harder, and the stigma attached to it can be very difficult to cope with.

Word About Town #2: Ella Healing - 'What Would Deadpool Do?'

Ella Healing reads her poem 'What Would Deadpool Do?' in Hyde Park, Leeds. She is co-president of the LUU Spoken Word Society, and compere of the hugely popular 'Word of Mouth' open mic night. Word About Town is an ongoing series, curated by the Leeds Spoken Word Society, of poetry performances around Leeds courtesy of the extremely talented writers and performers it has to offer.

The Daily Touch
13 Things You Probably Shouldn't Say To a Journalism Student

"Is that something you need to study?". Well, yeah but Journalism is actually classed as Media and/or Communications, but you'd probably consider that to be even worse. Precisely. I think my sex tips would be too vanilla. They do, but these are predominantly reserved for those who have little to no journalism experience and without a degree.

The Panoptic
Confessions of a Self-Funder - The Panoptic

When I tell new acquaintances that I'm studying for a master's degree, I'm often met with words of praise and congratulations. I thought I didn't have much of an ego, but this situation has taught me otherwise. Their faces fall however, when I go on to inform them that I'm completely self-funded.

Ella Healing " Arts Undergraduate Research

Eleanor (Ella) is a third year English student. Her topic, The Good Therapy Guide, examines the British mental health system today and the effectiveness of certain therapies. As well as this, the topic will be looking into breaking the stigma Read More "

Lsr - The Student Cookbook - Show 3

Join us for our third show where we have a scone bake off, chocolate tasting, a toffee apple malfunction & a delicious ginger chocolate cheesecake!

Lsr The Student Cookbook: Show Two

Tune in to our second show to hear about A guide to dating a Vegan, A Ferrero Rocher world record challenge, Do & Don't's of Student Cooking & a Pasty Quiz!

Box Office - 25th April 2015

We're back after, what is it, like a month? Talking 'The Falling', starring Game of Thrones' own Maisie Williams, and also the mega Marvel madness that is 'Avergers: Age of Ultron'. Is it living up to the hype...? All of this and more...on the Box Office from LSR.

Box Office - 2nd May 2015

Oscar has returned from Hong Kong, and the team tackle a triple bill of reviews, discussing 'Spooks', 'John Wick' and 'Far from the Madding Crowd'.

Box Office - 9th May 2015

Who would believe it's already the last official Box Office of the academic year?! For the finale show, Ali talks 'Cobain: Montage of Heck' and Oscar gives his review of 'Unfriended' along with an emotional farewell to all those leaving us for pastures new next year...

Box Office - 7th March 2015

Box Office discusses Still Alice and Jupiter Ascending this week...along with some Bechdel test babble and South America going head-to-head with Australia in our Film World Cup! Not worth missing!

Box Office - 14th February 2015

Box Office is back on Leeds Student Radio, and ALL NEW for the Spring Semester! Broadcast on Saturday 14th February between 4pm-5pm, we had reviews of Kingsman, Inherent Vice and some Valentine's Day shenanigans.


Hands off! Why the new porn legislation is wrong | The Gryphon

In an attempt to sanitise the British public, face-sitting, physical restraint, female ejaculation and spanking will all be eradicated from pornography in Britain, both online and in films available in sex shops. The ban will impose great restrictions on the UK adult film industry, but videos made outside Britain may still be viewed.

Problems with the SWP - The Gryphon

Eleanor Healing discusses Monday's march against Trump's Muslim Ban and explains the mixed emotions due to the SWP's organisation, in light of their allegations. (trigger warning: rape, sexual abuse) On Monday evening, I among thousands of other Leeds residents, joined the protest against Trump's Muslim ban in the US.

Comment | Imperial Britain ignores fallen heroes

The First World War was an exhibition in imperial slaughter, and as such, Britain enlisted the forces from the countries it ruled over at the time. India, Australia, New Zealand and troops from the West Indies all supplied armies for the battles the British army found itself engaged in.

The Gryphon
Germany Agender Law comment piece

A comment piece praising Germany's law to allow indeterminate sex children to be registered as neither gender at birth.

The Gryphon
Drugs Debate

Are we educated enough on the dangers of drugs?

Male bisexuality: Why the stigma? | The Gryphon

The concept of sexuality should be very simple in this day and age. We're past the old buggery laws and discrimination in employment, and some amazing civil rights movements over the decades have taken place in the LGBT community in Britain. However, as far as attitudes are concerned, there is still a very long way to go.

Debate | #banbossy

Last week, businesswoman and Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg launched a new #BanBossy campaign aiming to ban the word "bossy" on the grounds that it discourages young girls from ambition and leadership. With support from celebrities like Condoleezza Rice and Beyoncé, the campaign soon received a lot of media attention.

Comment | Lies, Damn Lies and Lobbying

When it comes to politics, I believe that the liberty to peacefully campaign and petition the government is integral to maintaining the we value so much in ou

Comment | An End to FGM

The issue of female sexuality has long been a taboo subject, and still is to a certain extent, even in our seemingly liberal society. A recent study by Barbara

Lifestyle and Features

Lifestyle | Fend off Freshers' Flu

It's Freshers' Week, and you've spent the past few days (and nights) drinking, making new friends and establishing the cheapest place to buy vodka. Unfortunately, the combination of a new environment, heavy drinking and an influx of new people (and their germs) has left you feeling a little run down, and the sniffles are kicking in.

Lifestyle | Brain food to help you through the essay and revision period

Balancing revision and a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, as it's far too easy to opt for a frozen pizza rather than put the effort into cooking from scratch when the all-important exam period is looming.Yet as delicious as frozen pizzas can be, making your own meals and choosing certain ingredients may be more beneficial to your studies than you might expect.

Let's go to... Norfolk! | The Gryphon

Norfolk may not bring to mind the most glamourous of images, especically not if you've been dreaming of holidays abroad. In fact, there mere mention of Norfolk and most people will hit you with jokes about strange accents and webbed feet. The county gets a bad rep, when in actual fact it really has a knack for charming visitors.

Leeds Student
Homemade vs. Fast Food

This article,along with the words and preparation, were a collaborative effort with a good friend of mine.

Food | Leeds' Gastronomic Hidden Gems

Leeds is chock-full of restaurants: some havens of culinary delight, others hell holes of salmonella. LSi Lifestyle and Culture has scouted out the very best fo