Nell Grecian

Copywriter & Journalist

United Kingdom

Nell Grecian is a freelance journalist and copywriter. Most recently, she has been working for varying companies with website, blog and brief content and with a financial firm doing para-planning. She writes frequently for her own blog and various others covering topics to do with women and lifestyle and specifically feminism, women's rights and sex and relationships. She has been published in various publications including The Independent, The Huffington Post and City AM. She has been interviewed recently for Now, Elle and BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour. With previous experience in marketing, sales and administration, Nell has contributed to her skill set through regular content writing, blogging, brief writing and social media management. She completed and published her first book in March 2020.

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A Proud Snowflake

On my way to work today, I bid good morning to a Magpie. I know that myth and legend demand we refer to 'Mr Magpie', but ever since I learned about intersectional feminism, I've referred to any and all as 'Ms'. And now, I shit you not, I just shout to 'Magpie'.

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Cancelling Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture is everywhere, right? In the aftermath of her live Instagram TV episode, Jameela Jamil's fans, followers and wider audience have *finally* started sharing the truth about cancel culture. Essentially, the view that it's utter bollocks. People should be allowed to make mistakes.

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It's February and I'm Still Fat - Now What?

It’s undoubtedly the worst time of the year if you, like me, are desperately trying not to stray from your path adorned with self-love and body positivity. For what feels like the 74 weeks of January, we’ve been subjected to ‘New Year, New Me’ posts and pictures and declarations of sheer joy over directly funding and contributing to the patriarchal structures that thrive of our insecurities just so you could lose 6lbs in one week.

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Body 'Positivity'

I am super positive about body positivity. On purpose. And very publicly. Because that's what it's called, and because that way, people can see how wonderful i

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National Orgasm Day: Closing the Orgasm Gap

You might remember Nicki Minaj's iconic interview with Cosmo back in 2015, where she revealed she was in the habit of demanding orgasms from any man she slept with, and demanding her friends did the same? And she can't be wrong.

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The Quarter Life Crisis

Partially, I believe this to be down to social media. I know I've said it before, but no one expresses their failures online. It's bursting full of achievements and 'look what I did last night with all my money and my very expensive looking shoes' and positive updates from your friends and families lives.

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I Said 'I Love You' First

I get it - a proclamation of love is a pretty big deal. To even BE in love is nothing short of spectacular. I, personally, believe that 'Love' as a whole, earns itself a substandard reputation and is portrayed as an emotion for the weak.

The Huffington Post
There's No Such Thing as 'The Friend Zone'

There's no such thing as the friend zone. Yeah, I said it, and it's probably about time we stopped using it as an excuse for not getting what we want. Really, the 'friend zone' is a socially constructed coping mechanism used primarily by men to make their female counterparts feel guilty about rejecting them.

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Womain - Why Staying in the EU Would Have Been Better for Women

There has been somewhat of a social media uproar since last Friday. Just in case you've been residing under a rock somewhere quiet, Britain have voted to leave the European Union. There have been countless blasts sent into the social-sphere and shared by the thousands detailing the future of our country as a result of our new independence.

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Sex and the Self Conscious Woman; Volume Two

Obviously, 2015 me thought this meant losing some timber. 2018 me knows better. I'm bigger than I was then, but more confident than ever and I am more than happy to flaunt my jiggly bits like they ain't know thang. Weight loss does not sit in direct correlation with happiness.

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Success and the Single Woman

If I had a penny for every time I’ve been described as ‘intimidating’, I’d finally be able to buy myself a navy snakeskin Birkin.

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International Women's Day 2019

Whilst I hold a strong and passionate flame for Halloween and Easter, my favourite day of all is always International Women’s Day

The Huffington Post
Empowerment Needs To Be Your 2017 Resolution

I'm not making a resolution this year. For the last 22 I have made promises every January that go flying out the window within a matter of weeks. Instead, I have used the past six days to take pride and embrace gratitude for the person I have become.

City AM
Coca-Cola shares fall as sales decline proves hard to swallow

Coca-Cola saw the popularity of its namesake fizzy drinks slide in key markets globally during the first quarter, reflecting a mix of changing tastes, challenging economic conditions and a shifting business strategy. The world's biggest beverage maker said that sales volume for soft drinks like Diet Coke and Cherry Coke that bear its name declined in North America, Europe and the unit including the Middle East and Africa.

The Huffington Post
Brock Turner is Reinforcing Rape Culture

Consent is everything. It really is that simple. It's pretty ridiculous that here and now, a considerable way through 2016, we are still telling people not to have sex with anyone else against their will. It truly is baffling to read, see and hear what modern society's concept of rape really is.

The Huffington Post
Why Marcia Clark Is the Real Hero of the OJ Simpson Trial

I know I'm not the only person watching The People Vs OJ Simpson on BBC2. But just in case you've been out of the loop - it's a star-studded ten part television series documenting the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and the trial of her ex-husband OJ.

The Huffington Post
'Naked Attraction' or Britain's Newest Demeaning Game Show?

"Dad, where did you meet mum?" "She was stood in a giant tupperware with five other birds and had the best fanny, Son." 'Naked Attraction' is an all new, totally uncensored television show on Channel Four. I know what you're thinking - yet another dating show broadcast on British television?

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Keeping it Casual

Are you bored of casual dating? Casual fucking? Or do you avoiding anything that starts with ‘cas’ and doesn’t end in ‘hmere’?

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Bush is The New Black.

I'm sure you remember my post not so long ago marking out my ode to bodily hair. If it doesn't ring a bell, see post here - As clearly stated, I don't mind bodily hair and I certainly have no problem with pubes.

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The Ex Files

It is more than rare to bag yourself a beau with no baggage. Seriously, everyone has an ex. If not an official ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, then someone they used to hook up with, send dirty snapchats to or chase naked around their parent’s garden aged six.

City AM
Commuters would move further out if travel improved, says poll

More than half (55 per cent) of commuters would consider moving further away from their place of work if transport links were better according to a poll by YouGov. When asked about the most important factors for choosing where to live 38 per cent said quality of life, 19 per cent said proximity to family and friends.

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Sex in London City - The Real Woman's Guide

I am in London this week for a work experience placement with a business newspaper. You will find me clip-clopping along Fenchurch Street in fabulous shoes with poise and grace, in between furious bouts of typing… I wish.

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Contouring For Beginners

A short piece detailing the modern makeup trend of 'contouring' and how to make it work for you.