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Elana Wagner

Journalist, copywriter and translator

I am all about writing - be it to tell someone's story or to help a start-up business get off the ground.
After two years in a marketing role and many a press release, I moved on to journalism and joined The North Coast Courier four years ago. My passion is creative writing and I head-up the brainstorming, co-ordinating and writing for their feature pages, supplements and paid for content. I also had the opportunity to be the editor of a publication project called Ballito Vibe.

North Coast Courier
The haunted house of Seatides - North Coast Courier

Rumors of children's laughter echoing within its walls and lights burning in the windows surround the eerie Seatides ' Ghost House '. Situated on the seaside of the M4 next to Beach Bums restaurant and beach bar, the abandoned house has become a playground for graffiti enthusiasts and photographers.

North Coast Courier
How to choose your perfect wedding dress | North Coast Courier

When you Google "wedding dress trends", a whole new world of shades of whites are unleashed ranging from big and poofy, fitted and blingy, long, short, low backs, high necklines, tulle, lace, boho, you name it. So, how do you choose?

North Coast Courier
Five tips to survive the month financially | North Coast Courier

You know the feeling when you look at your bank balance in the middle of the month? Shock, horror and disgust takes over as you try and figure out how you are ever going to make it until payday. Avoid whipping out the evil credit card by stretching your cents with these five steps: 1.


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"Madiba magic" was real | North Coast Courier

"He taught me the truth," said Fiona Reid, who was Nelson Mandela's nurse during his stay at Constantiaberg Clinic, Western Cape. The Courier met with the Salt Rock resident on Mandela's anniversary last Friday, to learn more about their friendship and the impact he made on her life.

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The sacred anthill of Desainagar | North Coast Courier

A colourful mound on the M4 near the Desainagar circle has a long history inside it and a sweet story behind it, which few follow and not many know. Driving through the narrow and rather daunting sugarcane path parallel to the M4 takes you to a few oddly placed pillars and a little wooden crate gate.

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Living to the tune of life | North Coast Courier

She is the picture of care-free living with her tie-dye outfits, unruly curls framing her natural beauty and avatar tail. Shomon Daniel is a musician, singer and songwriter who lives in Mount Moreland, grows her own vegetables, talks intensely, dances freely and lives passionately.