Elisabeth Kramer

Editor and Writer

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Previously, the managing editor at the Seattle-based magazine ParentMap. Now, a day-of wedding coordinator who writes about weddings and marriage.


Writing examples about weddings and marriage

Catalyst Wedding Co.
The Ugly Truth About Beautiful Weddings: They're Full of Waste

What people don't see is the very end of the night. After the guests have left and the couple's gone home, I and the reception vendors spend at least an hour cleaning up. A typical wedding takes me a half-dozen industrial-sized trash bags. I stuff each one with used napkins, discarded favors, and soggy food.

Catalyst Wedding Co.
Stop Asking Engaged People About Their Weddings

My work as a day-of wedding coordinator kicks in about four weeks before a wedding. Unfortunately, by that point, my clients - and particularly brides - are really over wedding planning. "I don't even like talking about the wedding," one woman told me.

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