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Eileen McManus

Multimedia Journalism Student

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My name is Eileen McManus and I'm a multimedia journalism student. I have experience with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Indesign as well as experience with CP Style and writing for broadcast. I am experienced with photography and videography. With my photography and videography skills I hope to start a career as either a photo journalist or marketing/PR person for a company. I have marketing/PR relevant experience creating promotional videos for a Mississagua based company. My skills in Adobe InDesign include creating a newspaper, resume, letterhead, or magazine layout, copy fitting text and using InDesign to create promotional tools like ads, business cards and Facebook banners.

Conestoga College Journalism
Final Spoke Layout

This is a spoke layout I did for my Advanced Digital Design Course as my final assignment. All the written pieces and pictures are my own from various assignments, blogs and transposed from videos I have done for other courses. The Spoke Template was done by my Professor for our use for the assignment but the layout itself is completely my own.

Conestoga College Journalism
Beat Reporting

**Picture of Guelph Mercury Rising courtesy of Jessica Lovell.** This is a reporter profile I did for my my reporting class on Brian Williams, the current reporter of the Arts and Life Column at the Waterloo Region Record and Editor of Grand Magazine. I attended the guest speaker session and used quotes and notes I took at that session to create my story and the I set in...

Conestoga College Journalism
Punk Never Dies

This is a (slightly) abridged version of an album review I was assigned. It was to be written in the style of an article from Rolling Stone Magazine so it is in the style of a news article from that year (1979). I did the all the research myself wrote (and abridged) the finished essay as used my Skills in Adobe InDesign to set it up in a newspaper article style. It hasn't been published but it was given to my professor for marking. What inspired it was my love for The Clash, when I saw London...

Journey to the Centre of my Library By Eileen M.
A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

This is a Book Review I did that I copied into a Spoke Template in InDesign in order to make it look like a newspaper book review. I did all the work for this assignment, the pictures are taken by me and the review was written by me, I also did the layout work in Adobe InDesign. It was published on my book review blog here: I was inspired to review this book because, as I mentioned, my friends...

Conestoga College Journalism
Classic Albums Live

This is an article I wrote for my Multimedia News Writing Course, we had to attend an event and write an article about it. The picture is my own as is the written article. I also formatted it in a Newspaper Layout in InDesign to make it a PDF.

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