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33 Year old woman who has been using writing as a means of expressing oneself, therapy and sharing with the world the various images and characters that I tend to make up. Mother of two amazing children and married to an equally amazing woman, I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Gaming design to combine with my BA in English. The goal is to become a narrative designer for the world of gaming, which is another hobby that I am passion about.

Writing is an aspect of myself that I have been doing as a child and is what I told myself that I would do for a living one day. Life and its various challenges and hurtles, has delayed it but has not deterred me in the slightest. With already one published work under my belt, the desire is to continue writing and creating characters for the masses to enjoy.

Cursed Salvation

Cursed Salvation Beautiful and lonely Aidan was born a werewolf. Her life was spent hiding her secret and living behind lies. Even her parents didn’t know about her burdensome secret as they were both human. As far as she knew, she was the only one of her kind. She had never met another werewolf and had no one to confide in or ask questions about her abilities. Resigned to a life of loneliness and secrets, Aidan suddenly finds herself attracted to Adam. With his sweet charms and gorgeous...

Unpublished Start of a Novel with Character Dialogue
Chapter 7: Dreams that Haunt Us

Chapter 7: Dreams that Haunt Us Sweat beaded on her brow as the God of War dreamt. Nothing fantisful or even a terror. No. It was simply a memory of the guilt that tore at her very soul each and every day that has lived on this world.

Unpublished sample from current novel work

Arin. Every night he felt her. Could just nearly hold her if he tried hard enough, knowing that she was thinking of him warmed his heart and filled it with the determination to return to her. "Come on," Bevens broke through his moment, earning himself a glower that true to his nature ignored ...

Unpublished Creative Piece
Heaven and Back

Swallowing the pill each time became harder and easier. A conundrum to be sure, but it was odd. The sensation that the pill brought was undeniable. The release and complete freedom as her mind was allowed to wander and forget the pain. Escape to a world where it did not hurt to love or be loved.

Unpublished Start of a Novel with Character Dialogue
Perfect Ruin

What were they to do? When the world was against them and something as simple as holding the hand of the person you loved meant death for both, left very little room for error. To deny thine heart and shield from the pain? Or... Smile at her when she asked, "What's on your mind?"

Online Entry and Winner of writing challenge
Bad Girl

The ambient sounds of the bar around me muffled the thoughts within my own head. My empty glass was once again refilled with the only thing that seemed to help me get through the days now. Our fights had gotten so bad lately, I hardly knew who you were anymore and I felt like you thought of me th...

Unpublished Creative Piece
Take Shelter

The music pumped through the speakers in a steady pace, the writhing bodies of my peers swarmed about me. Wrapped in a blanket of sound and human flesh I had never felt so free so at peace with myself. Life had never been the best, but it only got worse when I came out as being Gay.

Character Dialogue
Father and Son chat

On the floor before him, in the great hall that would have house dinners and parties Andrea crawled about under the watchful eye of her father. Rahl, Lord by birth and title earned, smiled as he watched his daughter explore the space that was their home. Designed by her mother and built with only...

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