Ed Foster

Writer I Script Reader

United Kingdom

A bright and enthusiastic writer for stage, screen and radio, experienced in script development, writing online articles and content creation. Entertainment critic for The Indiependent. Lover of low-budget, character-driven ideas. All original work is owned by me.

Edward Foster

I wrote this article for the University of Leeds to promote my course, express my experiences and encourage prospective students to apply

TV Pilot

A quaint English countryside town in excited by the arrival of washed-up movie star Vincent Moss, who they mistake to be like a superhero he infamously depicted

Short Film

A popular YouTube vlogger goes after a controversial internet celebrity responsible for promoting prejudice

Plastic People

The lives of a popular reality television dating shows' production team is thrown into disarray by the death of one of their controversial ex-contestants, who they helped make infamous

TV Pilot
Duty of Care

A outspoken but empathetic teacher, feeling hindered by the bureaucracy of her institution, stands up to the hidden abuse of a child from a wealthy home, forcing her to examine the toxicity in her own life

Chapel FM
ROCKETMAN by [email protected]

I wrote, directed and sound edited this radio play, using Zoom to record during the pandemic. First broadcast on Leeds Union Student Radio, then later arts radio station Chapel FM