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Living in Season - slow time, seasonal celebrations, holidays

by Edia Stanford-Bruce The year I turned 40, I disappeared. It had been coming on gradually, this "fading," but I waved it away as the mere product of an over-active imagination...

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A Kiss And A Loaf Of Bread: Beginners' Lessons About Work

I own but one thing as my crowning achievement on earth. Of all the roles I have ever played on stage or off, the dearest one has been the role of "mama", or as my own would...

in production: Fruitivity:Cultivating a Fruitful and Productive Life

sample from Chapter 3 - "How Not to be a Sucker"

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It's A Wrap: Lessons On Saying Goodbye To A Job

I love the community theatre for many reasons, but especially because it taught me well how to embrace goodbye. In contrast, when other industries hire people, they want to be...