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Edia Stanford-Bruce

Independent Content Creator | blogger | Personal Development Educator

Location icon United States America

I am Edia Stanford-Bruce: writer by trade; storyteller by heart…

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A Kiss And A Loaf Of Bread: Beginners' Lessons About Work

I own but one thing as my crowning achievement on earth. Of all the roles I have ever played on stage or off, the dearest one has been the role of "mama", or as my own would say, "mami";(to some, "Gamma", "Auntie E" and "Abuela").

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It's A Wrap: Lessons On Saying Goodbye To A Job

I love the community theatre for many reasons, but especially because it taught me well how to embrace goodbye. In contrast, when other industries hire people, they want to be so sure of making the right decision that saying, "goodbye" is avoided. Hiring Managers want to lean back in the chair as if to say, "Aaaaah!

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