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Drenge - Undertow Review

Drenge dredges up a lot of old musical feelings. The 16-year-old wannabe punk in me wants to mosh to them, the 18-year-old obsessed with the Doors approves, and the not-so-distant, Nirvana-crazy version of me is pretty happy with their latest album, Undertow. The band is made up of the Loveless&

Celestial Shore in NYC (10/30/14) Live Review

No one had any reservations about booing a band that was putting on such a great show. The day before Halloween was the perfect time to hold a release party for Enter Ghost , Celestial Shore's second record since their 2013 album, .

Thurston Moore - The Best Day Review

For all the comparisons made here, this isn't a Sonic Youth album. Thurston Moore isn't one to be ignored - at six foot six, he can't really help it.

Coldfront " Song of the Week: "Fall" by all boy/all girl

Published on Monday, January 27th, 2014 Listening to any part of all boy/all girl's album, Tiny Iglesia, evokes the feeling of flipping through a photo album you had forgotten on a shelf for years. Each song is a miniature portrait of nostalgia, framed by themes of nature and friendship (and colorfully painted by a seven piece band including a ukulele, viola, cello, and double bass).

LVL UP - Hoodwink'd Review

LVL UP takes a similar, lo-fi approach as some of their influences, but instills their own energy and direction. Double Double Whammy / Exploding in Sound Records, 2014 Purchase: Bandcamp Hoodwink'd is short, bittersweet, and to the point.

All Them Witches - Lightning at the Door Review

This is an album for those that love the blues, guitar riffs, and the occasional venture into weirdness. There are plenty of elements of classic and psychedelic rock in All Them Witches' work, but they lean the heaviest on the blues.

Sallie Ford - Slap Back Review

Ford doesn't whine or sulk, but belts out playful lyrics in a gritty, soulful voice. Sallie Ford's first release under her own name is a high-energy, introspective mix of blues, garage rock, and polite punk. Slap Back features the singer's first all-girl band, including Anita Lee Elliot on the bass, Amanda Spring on drums, and Cristina Cano on keyboards.

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"Trouble" by Hospitality

Hospitality Album: Trouble Label: Merge Records There are no real love songs on Hospitality's second album,Trouble. They don't really sing about love at all, but focus more on the subtleties of human interaction and the emotions and anxieties that go along with it. By singing about situations that seem specific to her own life, Amber...

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Dr. Dog

When I try to describe Dr. Dog, I usually fail miserably. "Just come see their show with me," a friend with a similar problem once told me. "Just do it- you'll love them." Years later, I still do, and instead of trying to convince everyone how great they are, I usually just open up Spotify...


San Francisco, CA Summer 2013


San Francisco, CA Summer 2013


San Francisco, CA Summer 2013


San Francisco, CA Summer 2013

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