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Ecton Theriot

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I usually describe my professional background as newspaper reporter, editor and page designer, but I prefer to condense those three job descriptions into one word: communications.

Those three jobs duties require accuracy and versatility under daily deadline pressure. In short, it calls for professionalism.

Bad design? Or designed to be bad?

During a recent kitchen remodel, I needed the model and serial numbers for my washer, dryer and range. I quickly discovered that companies don't want

Shop local, market local

Published on A chain of men's hair salons moved into the Tampa Bay area in the past few years and used a radio campaign to announce new store openings. However, those radio ads continue to make odd references to their store locations that prove the company really doesn't know this area.

Dance like no one is watching; email like it may be read aloud in a deposition

Published on We've all sent email that we've later regretted. This one, though, is telling about both a company and an executive. I am omitting the person's name, but if you're really curious, I can't stop anyone from Googling it. Before it was bought by its competitor, The Tampa Tribune's financial woes were no secret.

The dangers of social media (or how to lose business with one little click)

Published on On Mardi Gras 2017, restaurants everywhere advertised specials trying to drum up business. Here in St. Petersburg, Fla., one relatively new downtown restaurant advertised a jambalaya special on Facebook, adding a photo of a soupy dish that had a scoop of rice plopped in the middle.
Try these singers' versions for a different spin on Christmas classics

For most people, Christmas music conjures a comfortable memory of the joy of the holiday season. While there's nothing wrong with traditional versions of popular holiday songs, if you'd like a different vibe for this year's Christmas playlist, consider these options: "Here Comes Santa Claus" Singing cowboy Gene Autry recorded this classic in 1947, a delight for kids waiting impatiently for the big day.

Tampa Bay Times

In addition to designing this page, I wrote the display type for the feature story. The trick was condensing the essence of the story into an extremely limited space.

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