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Accomplished writer proficient in both content and journalistic writing, dedicated to providing fast, high-quality work. Offering four years of professional writing experience, including accompanying photography and developing original recipes, two certifications and three years experience in digital marketing and social media brand development, and a master's degree from St. John's College, a top liberal arts college that emphasizes both written and oral communication.

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A sampling of my content writing pieces, including travel blogs and original recipes for various clients.

Santa Fe Reporter
El Farol

Shockwaves rattled Santa Fe last spring when David Salazar, longtime owner of El Farol, announced he was putting the Canyon Road establishment on the market. He'd been the proprietor of City Different's oldest bar for three and a half decades; who could do the Canyon Road landmark justice?

Santa Fe Reporter
Slovakia Meets Santa Fe

Morning is Annamaria O'Brien's favorite time of day: The quiet serenity and solitude of an empty kitchen, where she can craft pastries and other baked goods. Luckily (for both her and Santa Fe as a whole), she now has the space in which to do just that.

The Santa Fe Reporter

Paris, 1765: A man by the name of Boulanger-first name unknown-dreamt of turning his passion for food into a career. The only problem was that he couldn't afford the steep dues of the Parisian culinary guilds, which strictly regulated everything from baking to roasting to wine-making. His solution? Open a shop for something beyond the realm of guilds: soup-making.

Santa Fe Reporter

It's a Tuesday night in late September; by all logic, it's about the worst time to open a new restaurant in Santa Fe. But new kid on the block, Maize (225 Johnson St., 780-5125) is buzzing with energy, with the dining room almost at capacity and the bar equally as popular.

Santa Fe Reporter
Let's Give 'Em Something to Taco 'Bout

Sunrise Family Restaurant 1851 St. Michael's Drive, 820-0643 7 am-3 pm daily $8 for three tacos with rice and beans Go for: Something affordable Sunrise Family Restaurant provides home-cooked flavor for a great price, making it a go-to for those of us without a New Mexican grandmother.

The Santa Fe Reporter
Sweet Treats for Snowy-Or Not-So-Snowy-Eves

Since learning that the biscochito is the state cookie of New Mexico, I've made it my mission to figure out how to make these tasty treats at home. Two things held me back: the sheer number of recipes out there for them-it seems literally every New Mexican grandmother has her version-and the fact that most traditional recipes call for lard, which I don't regularly keep in my kitchen.

The Santa Fe Reporter's Fork Newsletter
Brunch, Balloons and Burgers

A very wise college friend once said, "Brunch and church have a lot of the same letters, so it's pretty much the same thing." She was being facetious (I think), but in my adult life, brunch has indeed become a ritual.

The Santa Fe Reporter's Fork Newsletter
Football and Fiestas

Fall might not officially start until tomorrow, but any football fan will tell you differently: we're heading into the fourth weekend of college ball and the third weekend of NFL games. I graduated from an SEC school (that's "Southeastern Conference," for non-sports types), where the motto is "we may not win every game, but we've never lost a party."

The Santa Fe Reporter's Fork Newsletter
Spooky Scary Pumpkins

Happy Halloweekend, y'all! Full disclosure: I hate carving pumpkins. I'm not very good at it, I hate touching the pumpkin innards with my bare hands, and painting them is just so much easier. However, I do love one part of this Halloween tradition: toasting pumpkin seeds.