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Emma Campbell is a freelance writer, who has previously seen her work published in the likes of the Huffington Post, Glasgow Live, and various other publications. She is also currently a Creative and Digital Media apprentice for a local council.

Unwilling Adult
Should mental health issues be discussed at school?

The fact it's 2016 and we still have to talk about how there is such a strong stigma surrounding mental health is really disheartening. However we mustn't give up hope, we mustn't stop campaigning to put an end to it. I think one of the main issues is that it's just not properly taught in...

(M.A.D Week) Interview with Stirling Council's Fisheries Modern Apprentices | Young Scot

Ryan said that enjoyed being a Modern Apprentice because of the courses he got to sit as part of his Modern Apprenticeship as well as "getting to work with young people and the general public, I enjoy being outside, and it's something I like doing" Stuart said that he enjoyed being a Modern Apprentice due to being able to "Learn and develop new skills, lots of opportunities, get to work with a lot of different people, enjoy the job in general anyway, and I enjoy working outdoors a lot"

The Huffington Post
The New Age Of Politics

There are always complaints that our generation needs to focus on the 'things that matter', such as current affairs or getting a job, instead of the latest pop song or film. However all too often it feels as though when we do try and embrace the world of politics, we get dismissed as being too young to understand what's going on.

The Huffington Post
Why Social Media Should Get More Respect

They say our generation is full of egotistical teenagers, who would rather focus on getting a high number of likes on their 'selfies' and growing their follower base, rather than focus on what is seen as the more important things in life; like getting a job, having a relationship, or discussing the latest news story.

Three myths about bisexual people debunked to mark Bi Visibility Day

Bisexuality is the wonderful reality of people being romantically (and sexually) attracted to multiple genders. This differs from pansexuality in the sense that pansexuality is an attraction to every gender identity, whereas bisexuality is an attraction to two gender identities. Commonly bisexuality is used to refer to those that are attracted to people of the same, and opposite gender.

Time To Change
You need to stop joking about mental illness

A lot of people see mental health stigma as attacks on people with mental health problems, as people who sneer and judge us, or try and deny that mental health is a real issue - that it's all made up.

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