Ebel Tang

Content Specialist


An experienced content specialist with a demonstrated history of crafting effective long and short-form content. I have extensive experience creating copy across various verticals, including cryptocurrency, personal finance, lifestyle, healthcare, and consumer technology.

Access my full portfolio and CV here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JMlZVaAI_UBM4VId2wtcjYkUGjHMRjAy

For business or career opportunities, please email me at [email protected]


I founded online whisky publication Elixir in June 2020. It aims to cover industry developments, new product releases, and feature stories that will capture the attention of veteran whisky enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

Client: Wellnessy Pte Ltd
Wellnessy Launches Singapore’s First Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor

A press release created for Wellnessy Pte Ltd; a company specialising in the creation, import, and sale of healthcare devices and products. The press release was created for its non-invasive glucose monitor; a pioneering product for the Singapore market.

Time's Up For Singaporean Watches? Far From It

A long-form feature piece for YP.SG; the editorial asset of online business directory Yellow Pages Singapore. It detailed how Singapore's watchmakers were thriving in a competitive landscape long dominated by Swiss and Japanese ateliers.

A World Is Born: Emerging Arts & Design in 1980s Japanese Animation

Event coverage performed for Milkcananime; a website that focuses on Japanese entertainment (anime, manga, video games, toys), Japanese culture, and travel. The event covered in the piece was an exhibition featuring pioneering anime production house Studio Gainax and its first film titled Royal Space Force.

Arcades in Japan

An opinion editorial created for Milkcananime.com; a website focusing on Japanese entertainment (anime, manga, video games, toys), Japanese culture, and travel. It detailed my multiple experiences with arcades in Japan and how much of an eye-opener my visits to them were.

Digital Life
Listen, sales are up for ear cans

A cover story created for Digital Life; the then-weekly tech supplement for leading national newspaper, The Straits Times. The long-form feature and review piece discussed increasing interest in personal audio devices at the time.

24 Hours In Singapore

A feature piece created for leading online travel and lifestyle platform TheSmartLocal. It detailed what tourists could do in the event that they only had a short layover in the lion city.