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Author for English and Dutch Poetry

Be a Gentle man , and they treat You as a Gentle man.
A quitter never can Win and a Winner never Quit , I'm a Winner.

"Winners don't do different things, they just do things differently."

I take life as it is coming at me and only me to own it or leave it.

I not want to use You , if You not want to use Me.

The most People speak Nice but think different , its better that they speak About You He is different and You smile , because if You know who You are its better than that another People know what You are or am.

Take care for People what smile or cry with You.

Learn from Yesterday , live if Today is Your last Day , Hope and Think for Tomorrow .

For Be the best in the world is not possible to be the worst in the world is also not possible, in between is always possible. That is what I am , nothing is impossible for me.
A true friend is always to late in my life, welcome.

Who for one U.S. dollar want to sit in the front row will never attend to a show

I am a quiet person and love life, because it can in a few seconds be over and what I do today I don't have to do tomorrow , I like Working to much but their come a Time that I only take a Eye on it.
I’m Different !!!!!!!


Jan Jansen

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is the Founder of Easy Branches Co., Ltd. is the Brainchild of Jan Jansen. Jan always uses a variety of methods to get things done. Thus the different styles you see are reflective of these methods. In creating different styles to suit the consumers needs, Jan Jansen never stop to incorporate different methods and gets your desire results.

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