Daniel Walker


Location icon New Zealand

Journalist at Newstalk ZB. Former host of the Wednesday Wire on 95bFM. Graduated journalism student at AUT. Reports news, creates radio, utilises social media.

NZ Herald
8 Dec, 2019
What CCTV sees: A walk around the waterfront

Newstalk ZB reporter Daniel Walker walked through Auckland's viaduct and its bars to see how much of a typical night out is captured on closed-circuit cameras.

The Hottest New Trend From Italy

We've heard a lot about Key's shock resignation - so much so it seems to have buried the resignation of another Prime Minister - Matteo Renzi in Italy. Renzi stood down after Italians convincingly voted 'no' in a referendum for his proposed constitutional refoms.

AUT Longform
Youth non-voting: Drastic solutions

Why don't you vote? It's a question that gets asked more now than ever, with increasing numbers of people around the world squandering their right to vote. In this crisis of voter participation, why should anyone focus on young voters, who always vote less than the general population? It makes sense for

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