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A writer and an editor.

South African, English Literature degree holder, with 5+ years writing and editing experience.

What is Primalbase ? - Steemit

The workplace of today is changing faster than ever. The biggest change of all ? Just how open it's all become. From city to city, on a global scale, the concept of shared workplaces has taken over. With that flexibility comes a certain amount of responsibility for businesses to take their tenants' diverse work needs into account.

Love a Runner? Here are 5 thoughtful ways to show the runner in your life you care | Lumo

Not many exercises call to mind the pure simplicity of fitness better than a run. It's a fantastic way to get your exercise, with a laundry list of benefits for both your body and your mood. Good for everything from joint stiffness to depression, with the obvious inclusion of fitness, it's like the universal remote control of feeling good about yourself.

Algoa FM presenter is no crash test dummy

Duncan Reyneke ALGOA FM radio presenter Lance du Plessis says the strangest part of crashing a high-speed sports car in Knysna was climbing out of the vehicle afterwards and watching slow-motion footage of the crash on a big screen. Du Plessis was taking part in the Simola Hillclimb race at

Brave rape survivor reaches out to women

Duncan Reyneke RAPE survivor and inspirational speaker Alison - who suffered near-fatal injuries when her throat and abdomen were savagely slit by ripper rapists Frans du Toit and Theuns Kruger at Noordhoek in 1994 - spoke at the Port Elizabeth Opera House at the inauguration of the

Sunday Times Books LIVE @ Sunday Times Books LIVE
Fiction Friday:

It's Fiction Friday! This week we have a mind-bending excerpt from Duncan John Reyneke's speculative fiction novel, Nails in the Sky. Set in Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, Nails in the Sky tells the story of Alex van der Haar, a young man who one day begins to realise that people are disappearing into ...

Duncan, Incidentally
The Johnson School for the Restless Dead, part 1

That was my first encounter with The Johnson School. Fucking "blood meat". A half-hour before assembly, on a Monday morning, in the middle of a park across the road, from where I could see my new place of employment, and someone's insane yelling about "blood meat" was how we kicked off the festivities.

What I did this summer (a Kruger Park essay) - Part 4

The night before our final day in the bush, Bennett, the hyper-intelligent lodge guide who'd picked me up from the airport on my first day with a "Duncan Reyneke" sign and the most comprehensive set of random facts about everything (see part one of this story for more on Bennett), had showed up at camp!

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