David Telisman


I listen. I write. I connect you with your audience.

Creating communications is what I do best. I'm a good cook, too, and I'm very conscious of the similarities between both crafts. Successful recipes and writing require:

Knowing your audience
Finding quality ingredients/sourcing essential information
Following the proper steps
Tasting your dish as you go/proofing your work as you write
A little improvisation

And when in doubt, add more butter and salt.

But there are limits to what I can cook because I don't have access to the specialty Italian sausage used in my favorite deep-dish pizza or the two years of Japanese culinary training required to prepare sushi rice. Plus, ingredients are passive, just sitting there waiting to be prepared.

Writing is different because I get to form an active partnership with you, the client. I listen. I make sure I understand your objectives and expectations, and I leverage my story-telling expertise to create engaging content that converts readers into doers and buyers.

I've been writing and developing strategic communications professionally for 20 years (my amateur career began at 6-years-old when I discovered Mad Libs). I also taught high school English, where I really cut my teeth learning how to engage audiences. My copy helped a burgeoning artist in Evanston, Illinois sell out his first exhibit, engaged a major municipality to contract with my employer's health benefit services, and inspired a new audience of theatergoers in 30 U.S. markets to buy tickets for Broadway touring productions. But nothing could top this: “Mr. T., you made me love English.”

There's a lot more, but I want to listen to you and start discussing your project.

I look forward to a successful partnership...like butter and salt.


Brand Developer

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