D. Simone Kovacs

Content Marketing Strategist

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I'm an experienced content marketer with SEO expertise, who writes articles, emails, social copy, and other marketing collateral across industries. I hold a B.A. in English from Harvard University and an MFA in Creative Writing from NYU.

Creating a Customer Journey Map for Your Retail Store | Fourpost Magazine

The first step you have to take in this process is to gather information and research on your customers. This can be from surveys or questionnaires, data on your customer demographics and purchasing behavior, in-store observations, and even personal interviews with your customers. Your customer journey map can follow each phase of the life cycle above.

Refresh Your Spring Style With These Trends for Women | Fourpost Magazine

Spring is just around the corner, which means it's the perfect time for a wardrobe update! You're probably already clearing out your closet Marie Kondo-style, so why not pick up a few trendy essentials to revamp your spring style? From bamboo to beige, here are some of the season's hottest trends and our street style picks for you.

How to Survive Traveling With Kids This Summer | Fourpost Magazine

Traveling with kids can be a stressful balancing act. You have to remember everything you need to bring, where your kids are, and so much more. With the kids out of school, you might be planning a vacation and wondering how you'll manage it all.


From 6 Months to 800 Guests in 4 Hours: How We Opened Fourpost in Mall of America

Opening up your own storefront is no easy task—especially when it’s in one of the largest malls in North America. Our team at Fourpost partnered with design firms, digital agencies, and internal employees across our Curation, Marketing, Product, and Operations departments to get it done. It was a process that took over six months of planning and collaboration.


Video Strategist
Everything You Need To Know About Video Production Costs

The first question most people ask when they consider publishing videos is "How much will it cost?" And they often assume that the best way to approach video production costs is to spend less money on more videos. This doesn't factor in the quality, which is almost always the wrong approach.


KitSplit | Blog
6 Inspiring Women to Watch in Film & Photography

For the final days of Women's History Month, we're celebrating the amazing women in our community! Below, you'll find six inspiring lady KitSplitters who are making a big impact in the film world.

The Harvard Crimson

D. SIMONE KOVACS | Writer Profile | The Harvard Crimson

This week Harvard's Houses prepare to welcome freshmen into their communities, but those who no longer live on campus say that, for them, the Housing Day hype is overblown. Students interviewed for this article who no longer live in Harvard housing say they are not so much drawn to the perks of off-campus life than turned off by a residential system in which they did not feel at home.

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