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Creative writer, columnist, podcast co-host & editor, game reviewer.


Reviews I Wrote

Game Industry News (https://www.gameindustry.com/reviews/game-review/return-of-the-zombie-horror-king-resident-evil-2/)
Resident Evil 2 review

Resident Evil 2 (2019) review text (3125 words)

Game Industry News (https://www.gameindustry.com/reviews/game-review/a-bright-return-for-dark-souls/)
Dark Souls Remastered review

Dark Souls: Remastered review text (2369 words)

Game Industry News (https://www.gameindustry.com/reviews/game-review/rogue-trooper-redux-blue-man-group-war/)
Rogue Trooper Redux review

Rogue Trooper Redux review text (2137 words)

Columns I Have Done

Game Industry News
From the Desk of Cedric, Researcher at the Federal Bureau of Control

This official communique from a researcher employed by the Federal Bureau of Control is strictly for the recipient’s eyes only. Do not read this letter unless you are Cedric’s mum. Failure to comply may result in severe consequences, such as the universe turning inside-out.

Podcast Episodes I Co-Hosted (But Did Not Write The Blurbs For)

Game Industry News
The History of Remakes and Remasters

Drew and Chella get into the world of remakes and remasters with Drew at the helm. From ports of arcade games to the first home gaming machines, to the success of the latest Spyro and Resident Evil 2 remakes, games have a surprisingly long history of remodeling and remastering for the latest technology.

Game Industry News
Dark Skin in Games - recorded at Feral Vector, with Xalavier Nelson Jr.

This week, Xalavier Nelson Jr., the creative mind behind smash hit indie game Hypnospace Outlaw, joins Drew and Chella for a chat about Mortal Kombat XI and the representation of black skin in videogames. This episode was recorded at Feral Vector, an arty, indie games festival nestled in lush green hills of the Yorkshire countryside, in England, with a special post-credit feature.

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