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Writer, Photographer, Educator.

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I'm a freelance writer and photographer based in Seattle, WA. I like to write about everything from music and photography to marketing and education. Also working as an SAT/Subject tutor, I like to deliver information.



The Hidden Values of Volunteering - UnCollege

Have you ever volunteered? If so, chances are you did it to help your local community or lend a hand in some way. You were thinking about others - and that's a good thing. But there's more to volunteering than being selfless. Volunteering often helps you in more ways than the people or project you support.

Celebrity Gap Years - UnCollege

Slowly but surely, gap years are gaining popularity in the US. Both parents and students alike are beginning to realize that young adults, especially those gearing up to go to university, are ready to travel, learn, and have an unsheltered, real world experience.


The Stories Behind The World's Most Famous Photographs

Photography changed history. That's a statement which might sound hyperbolic or downright untrue, but it's accurate; the invention of information shared in the form of photographic images altered the course of things. Prior to the 19th century, history was recorded in writing or by drawing, painting, or sculpture.

The Right Retouching Tools for Your Most Common Problems

Photography is not a perfect science. Every image will undoubtedly yield a problem or two - and that's on a good day. These on-camera issues are why so many creatives embrace the wide array of post-pro tools like Photoshop.

Is Bigger Better? Weighing Your Smaller Camera Options

There seems to be a common trend amongst creatives: The need to have the newest, biggest, and best gear items available. But does a newer/nicer camera necessarily mean a better photograph - or a better photographer? Is it possible that size (and convenience) might matter as much or more?

Business and Marketing

The Business Behind Vintage Audio Gear - CreativeLive Blog

Bruce Springsteen. Jay-Z. Lenny Kravitz. Billy Corgan. Kanye West. Those five artists may only have one thing in common - but that one thing has helped them transform their entire music careers. Like many musicians, those five have all recorded songs and records.


Stuck in a Songwriting Rut? How to Improve Your Lyrics

For musicians and songwriters, every day has a different result. Monday might feature the best performances and the best songwriting you have ever done, while Tuesday might just be the worst.

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