Marquela Nunes

English Student at the University of Toronto

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Hello there. My name is Marquela, and I've recently turned 20. I'm a student going to the University of Toronto Scarborough, and this is my portfolio of writing. I've been writing since I was very young, but recently I've found the courage to being to publish my works online. I currently write short stories, an extremely long-running fanfiction and a novella. In the future I hope to finish both my novella and my fanfiction, and begin to write my first book. My favorite genres to write are fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction.

Outside of being a student and a writer, I work two jobs. At one of my jobs I'm a line cook, which entails handling a lot of stress, working extremely fast and mastering various applications in the kitchen. My other, and newest, position is as a Program assistant for the Imani program. In that position I create lesson plans for Mentors to use with their mentees during the school year. Both of my jobs relate to my hobbies (I love to cook and I love assisting my community), but I also have a passion for music, video games and technology.

You can find me on LinkedIn. I also have a profile on My fanfiction is long-running, well-reviewed and very popular.

Creative Writing (Personal)

Part of a writing challenge that I took, which involved writing a story that was under 600 words. This story ended up being exactly 600 words.

Creative Writing (Personal)
Devotion - Revised

This is a revised edition of "Devotion", this time with the word count being over 600 words. I wanted to expand a little bit on the characters that I had begun writing in the initial version.

University Essay
Delusions and Consequences in Brother

This was my final essay for ENGB05, an English class that I took in Winter 2018. It uses many secondary sources in order to examine the ways that the death of a family member can affect other members of the family.

University Essay
Fight The New Power: Black Women In Rap Music

An essay that I wrote for a first year class, using secondary sources to examine how Black women are represented in Rap Music, and the effect that this has had on them.

Novella (Personal)
Black Tea (Work In Progress)

A novella that I began to write in November 2016. It follows a noblewoman's journey during the Sengoku Jidai (or warring states period) of Japanese history. I've used this in a successful application to a writing workshop in 2017. After speaking to multiple other writers, I feel that this definately needs a re-write in order to fix character motivations, but I've placed this here to give you an idea of how my (extremely) rough work looks.

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