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Graduate of York University's Bachelor and Master of Arts programs. I have had the opportunity to write in a variety of settings in both academic and professional environments, with experience and success writing within the fields of copywriting, SEO-driven content creation, entertainment writing, blogging, research and grant proposals, trade publications, digital content production, corporate communications, case studies, and press releases.

Online Public Health Programs in Utah | Your 2018 Guide

According to the United Health Foundation, Utah is the eighth healthiest state in the nation. Much of this progress is due to the great strides made by state health organizations, such as the Utah Public Health Association and the Utah Department of Health, which promote quality public health and advocate for better healthcare practices.
Online MBA Programs in Utah - 2018's Top Schools

Utah became the fastest-growing state in the nation in 2016, with a population now above three million. The state has five metropolitan areas, including Provo-Orem and St. George- two of the fastest growing cities in the country-Logan, Ogden-Clearfield, and Salt Lake City.

Canadian Food Insights Magazine
Coming to a Fridge Near You

Nanotechnology set to transform the way food is produced and consumed

Canadian Food Insights Magazine

With 2016 being the International Year of the Pulse, it's meat vs pulses. Or is it?

Canadian Food Insights Magazine
An Education in Food

Centre for Food provides students with first-hand experience

Canadian Food Insights Magazine
Bootin' Gluten

New supplement uses specialized egg yolk to neutralize the harmful effects of gluten

Bio Business Magazine
Canadian Gold

As the demand for vegetable oils increases globally, the canola industry sets its sights high

Bio Business Magazine
Returning to Form

New funding gives hope for 10 new therapies over the next 10 years

eLearning is Dead | Vocalmeet Blog

By Marcus Thraen and Doug Wintermute. Sadly, it's true; "eLearning is dead, or at least the early, far-fetched dream of eLearning is. Even though the term eLearning, coined by Jay Cross (Cross 109), only surfaced in 1998, the concepts, the hopes, and, unfortunately, the realities of "eLearning" were witnessed long before the Internet with other forms of distance learning.

15 Movie References From 'Stranger Things' You Totally Missed

Stranger Things has landed and, already, it has conquered. For anyone who loves horror and science-fiction, this series is a treat of gigantic proportions. And if your love for the genres goes back to the 80s, it's a gift from the heavens.