Douglas Pyper


Location icon United Kingdom

Edinburgh-based writer. Has held permanent positions at Vietnam Investment Review, Word Vietnam and Vietnam Golf Magazine.

Worked on CAMA Festival#6 and #7; co-founded Artwork is Work: ASEAN Music Festival.

Contact me at [email protected]

Word Vietnam
The Magic Number

Just as computers games are going online, an ambitious group of programers have made 5445, Vietnam's first ever offline game. New beginnings or the beginning of an end?

Word Vietnam
The Journey of Sound

The history of travelling musicians like those performing Vietnam's Cheo, shows people and culture constantly on the move.

Word Vietnam
The Kids are Alright

From chat and SMS through to language used on the street or in school playgrounds, the last decade has seen a healthy development in Vietnamese slang. So how well has new language worked its way into the country’s literature?

Word Vietnam
A Night at the Circus

From Juvenal to Lenin; rhetoric, illusion and spectacle in Hanoi's Central Circus.

Word Vietnam
The Lion's Roar

Peer behind the Las Vegas style MGM Corp makeover that represents the new Singapore, to see if the Lion City still has any cultural teeth.

Word Vietnam
Death Jazz from Above [Advertorial]

Advertorial for Soil & "Pimp" Sessions' performance in Hanoi as part of celebrations marking Japan's 40 years of diplomatic relations with Vietnam

Word Vietnam
33 Revolutions per Minute

From vintage Vietnamese pressings to Japanese imports of Lana Del Ray, for the last decade vinyl sales the world over have been rising and now it looks like Vietnam will start contributing to those numbers.