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Donna Webeck

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After being knee deep in nappies and craving a creative outlet back in June 2009, my blog NappyDaze, was born. What began as an exercise in writing in the name of posterity, hilarity and sanity eventually morphed into musings motherhood, current affairs and lifestyle and was the catalyst behind my foray into the freelance writing world.

I have been published dozens of times with large parenting websites Essential Baby, Essential Kids, Huggies and Kidspot, as well as other smaller local print publications. I wrote a regular column in a Sutherland Shire online magazine, and have also enjoyed publishing success on The Hoopla. Most recently I began taking on content writing for websites, and hope to explore more challenges in the future and pursue real estate writing roles.

With a passion is prose and a love of all things literary, this is just the beginning for me!

What the real house husbands have to say - Coping with Jane

Ok, let's be honest here mums - hands up who would trade roles in a heartbeat with their husband and instigate a life swap, whereby you leave him in charge of the household chores and the children while you assumed the role of primary breadwinner?

Would the cluckiness ever return

The question came as often as two year old tantrums, and was equally as painful to endure. "So, you must be finally ready to go back for number 2?" This innocent enough inquiry soon became the common theme that threaded through my life as my son celebrated turning one.

The art of making friends as an adult

It was a balmy December day, back in 2009 when we officially became "seachangers". Relocating from our tiny unit in smoggy Sydney to the wide open spaces of the Central Coast was a brave and bold move.

Trouble making friends? 5 tips for socially anxious children - Kidspot

There was no missing the little boy in the bright red shirt in the crowded preschool playground. Perhaps it was because the bold colour he wore stood out, or perhaps it was because amongst the multitude of children enjoying an afternoon of unbridled fun, he stood in the middle of the action, alone.

Parenting Blog - Take the Pressure Down...

I blame genetics. Coming from a long line of women who worshiped at the altar of all things domestic, it was no surprise that I too inherited the desire to live in a house with display home standards of cleanliness.

Living with type 1 Diabetes

Latest health news There is life after diagnosis ... Photo: Getty Images Alex was 11 when his world changed forever; little Abbie was just five. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, an auto-immune disease when the pancreas loses the ability to make insulin, Alex and Abbie must endure up to eight finger pricks a day, all foods consumed must be weighed and measured, and then there are the needles; all necessary to avoid a diabetic coma.

Keeping the ANZAC spirit alive in our kids

EK Family Home Photo: Getty Images When the last remaining ANZAC Digger passed away in 2012, many elders feared it would herald a sad decline in the interest our nation held in commemorating ANZAC Day, particularly with our youth. But they hadn't encountered 16-year-old Rosebank College student Billy Wherry.

5 strategies to cope when starting school solo

Starting School Is your child starting school solo this year? Photo: Getty Images It's estimated 300,000 children will experience their first day of "big school" this year, however the reality for some is that they will be starting school solo, without the security of a familiar face. My son is one.

7 top tips for a smooth move

EK Family Home Moving to a new house need not be a distressing situation for kids. Photo: Getty Images It is a truth universally acknowledged that selling your house, followed closely by the subsequent move, can be one of life's most stressful experiences.

My baby plays with Barbie, and I'm okay with that

Baby Education & Play Last weekend my 15-month-old daughter spied something glistening, something previously unseen and untouched, tucked away in the bottom corner of her bookcase. It had been there since she was five months old, but she'd never shown any interest in it.

Four things I love about a large age gap (and the one thing I loathe)

Nutrition & Wellbeing When it comes to age gaps between children, everyone has an opinion on what the best period in between kids might be. And while the common trend is around a two-year space between offspring, what isn't so often lauded is the large age gap.

An elective caesarean saved my sanity

Birth Options It's a divisive parenting debate that flares up often: natural childbirth versus an elective caesarean. Now, after Western Australian obstetrician Mark Sillender recently spoke in favour of the planned c-section, it has been thrust back into the spotlight, with many in the medical fraternity - as well as members of the wider community - vehemently disagreeing with his views.

42 days to love

Nutrition & Wellbeing "For six endless weeks I lived in a foggy bubble of fear - until the moment finally came" ... Donna Webeck The blissful fog of sleep was lifting, filtering a cacophony of sounds into my subconscious. There laughter and there was delight, but I lay alone, desperate to stave off unwelcome wakefulness.

Breast intentions

Caring for Baby "There shouldn't be blame assigned to anyone who experiences breastfeeding breakdown" ... Donna Webeck The stranger in the lift, a lady of about 50, peered into the pram. Her questions were the usual suspects: " How old?" " What's his name?" " Is he your first?"

No jab, no playdate?

Baby Health Would you refuse a play-date with your friend's children if they weren't vaccinated? There are few issues more contentious in the realm of parenthood than immunisation. As debate rages this week on the New South Wales Parliament's proposed changes to the Public Health Act that will enable childcare centres and preschools permission to prohibit unvaccinated children from enrolling, there is one arena they cannot regulate: The good ol' fashioned play-date.

Beating baby name anxiety

Stages of Pregnancy Indecision and anxiety ... "My fear is what happens if further down the track I think 'oh, I really like that name, I wish I'd gone with that'" There are few discussions that you have on your path to parenthood that can produce more disputes than choosing a name for your newborn.

Ingredients for an empty lunch box

Education for Older Kids Changing your lunch box mindset ... For many parents, the arrival of a new school year brings with it a certain amount of blessed relief. That is until they remember the Pandora's Box that also lays in wait: the task of packing the perfect lunch box for your fussy child.

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