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Dominique Marmolejo

Writer. Poet. Storyteller.

Location icon Orlando, FL

Entertainment Professional
Disney Parks Live Entertainment

James Madison University '16; Bachelor of Arts in English and Digital Video & Cinema
Minors in Creative Writing, General Music, Jazz Studies

I want to use my imagination to make a difference. I want to make magic.


Disney Parks Live Entertainment Projects

Additional Writing

Hopscotch Children's Literary Journal
The Worry People

Short story about a little girl overcoming her fears with the help of her Guatemalan Worry People and her father, too.

Painted - An Animated Short

When Amanda suddenly passes away, she leaves behind a magical surprise for her little brother, Jimmy.

Gwendolyn Sings Green

A nanny grapples with her own demons as she tries to figure out how to save a little girl with synesthesia from an emotionally abusive relationship with her grieving father.

James Madison University Unions
Finding Food, Friends, and Family at Festival

The uproar spread through the room in hurricane fashion - whoops and hollers from the center of the room spiraled outward in contagion, tearing through the room with the cheers of the students who had received the text and well-meaning confusion of those who hadn't.

Literary Journalism
Red Spoon Heart: The Hereditary Sweet Tooth

A close look at the family dynamic present in the ranks of Dairy Queen of Virginia, one of the last remaining individually-operated territories of the company.

This Land is Your Land; July 17, 1955

A Cast Member's response to the release of Randy Moore's "Escape From Tomorrow" written as a long-form acrostic of the Disneyland dedication speech.

The Necessary Audible

A collection of poetry and short nonfiction works outlining an independent study of the nature of improvisation in jazz and poetry, completed in Montreal at the International Festival of Jazz.