Dominic Pink


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Auckland-based postgraduate student journalist (AUT/Pacific Media Centre) / On-air coordinator/technical director (MediaWorks) / Pop culture writer (A Fistful of Culture)

Beijing's 'invisible hand' felt as Hong Kong press freedom declines

With media freedoms on the decline in Hong Kong, amid growing fears of "mainlandisation", is the press still performing its function as a watchdog? And can new media pick up the slack? Dominic Pink inquires for Asia Pacific Report. The vibrant city of Hong Kong, once regarded as a haven for free speech, is experiencing a steady erosion of press freedom.

Angkor elephant's death spurs animal tourism shake-up

A clip of elephant riding in Thailand where performances are most common and where animal cruelty regulations are regarded as weak. Video: World Animal Protection As global response to an online petition continues to grow, can the death of one elephant change attitudes on Southeast Asia's animal tourism industry?

Veteran climate scientist forecasts loss of all coastal cities

Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms ... Professor Hansen speaks on the science and implications. Video: Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions An "alarming" new study by Professor James Hansen predicts rapid sea level rise and more intense superstorms. What could this mean for Pacific nations? Dominic Pink reports for Asia Pacific Report.

TPPA prevents action on climate change, claim critics

Does the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership "free trade" agreement between Pacific Rim nations fail to address "the most important issue of our time"? Dominic Pink reports for Asia-Pacific Journalism. Advocacy groups are criticising what they see as the harmful impact the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement could have on the environment.

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