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Natasha Dei Lewison

Copywriter, Content Strategist, Editor, Storyteller, Wordsmith

Location icon United States

Idea generator and creative thinker with professional experience in marketing, editorial, operations, and content management.


travel and leisure

health and fitness

pet industry


JSTOR Kickoff and Intro

Kickoff meeting with key stakeholders to discuss upcoming changes to marketing website structure.

financial services

fashion and lifestyle

LuxCartel Fashion Showroom client blog post
The smiley Fragrance Concept

smiley Fragrance blog post -- Standard post to highlight new client

House Beautiful
House Beautiful homepage callouts

As a Technical Line Editor for Hearst it was essential to manage and create targeted search engine optimized headings and subheadings for various articles, homepage call outs and newsletters.
Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day to highlight products, establishments and timely events. Scheduled and launched on a weekly basis.

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