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Farida Helmy


Location icon Canada

Over 8+ years of publishing experience with a focus on current affairs, lifestyle and general interest content creation across multiple platforms. Proven track record developing, writing and editing content for magazines and digital projects, leading creative teams, managing multiple projects and making it all happen as seamlessly as possible.

Specialties: Strategic editorial planning, writing and editing feature articles and branded content, multi-platform publishing, brainstormer, copy and grammar stickler, social media junkie


Corporate Knights

Corporate Knights
Dances With Drones

Although synonymous with military use, drones are increasingly being used in conservation and environmental protection efforts. CK sat down with Conservation Drones founder Lian Pin Koh to discuss this trend

Corporate Knights
The Arab Spring and Climate Change

From now on, climate change should come with a warning: Might wreak political havoc, leading to unprecedented revolutions. Case in point: the Arab Spring

Corporate Knights
Asia Pulp and Paper Changes Its Tune

It seems that the world's third-largest paper company, Asia Pulp & Paper Co. (APP), has been swayed by environmental activists and the harsh criticism received last year for its illegal logging practices.

Corporate Knights

The Obama administration released its first ever climate change adaptation plans to the public, highlighting how different government departments plan on adapting to global warming.

Corporate Knights
Sustainability and the Middle East

Sustainability has found its way to the Middle East. And yes, it started even before the UN Climate Change Conference (COP18) was hosted in Doha in November 2012

Egypt Today

Egypt Today
Eftekasat Encore

Eftekasat celebrates10 years of making deliciously good music

Egypt Today
Couples Therapy

Premier Le Reve delivers when it comes to relaxation and romance for the busiest of couples

Egypt Today
Build, Respect, Represent

Mohamed El Deeb has made it to the big leagues with his revolutionary Arabic hip hop

Egypt Today
Pass the Microphone

Mashrou3 Al Mareekh provides a platform for those in need of self-expression

Egypt Today
Raging About Road Safety

WHO reports 20 to 50 million people are injured globally every year, and of this number, 154,000 of them are in Egypt

Egypt Today
Chemical Combat

Theories about tear gas used on protesters are put to the test by doctors, researchers, protesters, activists and insiders

Egypt Today
Stuffed Pigeon, Anyone?

Mohamed Fouad’s Stuffed Pigeon, though a little eccentric, is both functional and creative

Egypt Today
An Ice-Cold Iftar

Get your summer sugar fix from Stavolta this Ramadan

Egypt Today
House of Egypt

Seven rising young designers join forces to show the world what Egyptian fashion and design have to offer

Egypt Today
Sushi, Cappuccino and Bassem Youssef

Bassem Youssef and his crew are opting to be that magnifying glass by adopting a comedy format unique to Egypt and raising the bar of accountability in the media

Egypt Today
Rantings of a Sandmonkey

It took a revolution to reveal the identity of one of Egypt’s most popular social-media activists

Business Today

Business Today
Frozen Fun Comes to Egypt

Maybe Two’s slogan seems to be spot on considering the popularity of this healthy, sweet alternative

Business Today
Learning Financial Prudence

Flirting with questionable creditworthiness is not the way to go, warns Inside Job

Business Today
Drug Central

The illicit drug trade in Egypt has grown in the wake of the January 25 Revolution and Arab Spring, meaning addicts have more access to their drug of choice than ever before

Business Today
Collateral Damage

The future of Nile University is in limbo after a corruption investigation was filed against the university because of former regime associations

Business Today
Thirty-six Hours

Experience a Pink Floyd fan’s ultimate dream and follow Roger Waters on tour as he rocks Lisbon, Madrid, Milan and Prague

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