Dixiezetha Thamrin

Content Marketing Executive

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A creative individual with a penchant for traveling, writing, and photography. Experienced in writing for different purposes and audiences, with demonstrated ability in engaging targeted readers. Skilled at researching, learning, and applying new information to generate compelling content in a variety of topics.

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An 'about' page for the company's project, a resource library for professional photographers.

5 Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners | Contrastly

Portrait photography is an art. It's how a photographer can use imagery, or even a single shot, to deliver a powerful story. While the techniques to capture a good shot can be learned, capturing the expressions, emotions, and human elements requires a lot of practice.

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The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Photographers in 2018

Are you a photographer who is struggling to optimise your social media to grow your photography business? We’ve created this comprehensive guide of social media for photographers with the most up-to-date information, examples, and ideas to help you grow your business.

Photojaanic Blog
Instagram Hashtags for Photography: The Ultimate Guide - Photojaanic Blog

Did you know that the right Instagram hashtags can bring you potential clients and sales? Instagram hashtags are the key to increasing your posts' visibility and reach. You want your posts to be seen by potential clients, or perhaps publications in your niche that can boost your profile and help your marketing.

Photojaanic Blog
9 Top Digital Photography Schools for All Levels - Photojaanic Blog

Are you looking for high-quality digital photography schools, but haven't found the one that suits your needs? Many photography resources on the internet only touch the skin of a subject, without structured lessons and guidelines. For more in-depth resources, digital photography school is the way to go.

6 Tips to Sell More Products with Your Photography Shoots * ShootZilla

As photographers, the services we offer are our mainstream of income, if not the only stream. But how about adding more value by selling products with photos from your work? Not only it can give you an added value to your work, it can also bring you an additional income.

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