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A creative individual with a penchant for traveling, writing, and photography. Experienced in writing for different purposes and audiences, with demonstrated ability in engaging targeted readers. Skilled at researching, learning, and applying new information to generate compelling content in a variety of topics.

5 Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners | Contrastly

Portrait photography is an art. It's how a photographer can use imagery, or even a single shot, to deliver a powerful story. While the techniques to capture a good shot can be learned, capturing the expressions, emotions, and human elements requires a lot of practice.

Her Little Journal
Gothenburg Fringe Favorites - Her Little Journal

This blog has been quiet for a while, and that's because I've got a lot going on right now. Hopefully things will calm down in the next few weeks, but for now, I'd like to share about Gothenburg Fringe Festival , the thing that kept me busy last week.

Her Little Journal
A Walk Around Gothenburg - Her Little Journal

Hello from Gothenburg! This hello is 3 weeks late, but honestly, it's been busy and... interesting (for the lack of better a better word). We have a few days of sunshine and blue sky last week, and even a stroke of luck as the heatwave said hello (fleetingly, before leaving us quicker than I'd expected).

Photojaanic Blog
9 Top Digital Photography Schools for All Levels - Photojaanic Blog

Are you looking for high-quality digital photography schools, but haven't found the one that suits your needs? Many photography resources on the internet only touch the skin of a subject, without structured lessons and guidelines. For more in-depth resources, digital photography school is the way to go.

Photojaanic Blog
11 Inspiring Indian Photography Communities to Follow - Photojaanic Blog

For this World Photography Day, we thought we'd celebrate it with you by sharing our favourite Indian photography communities. These communities have been spreading the love of photography, bringing exposure to talented photographers, and inspiring creative souls to be unique and bold.

Wessex Scene
Reasons to Travel While You're Young

When thinking about travelling, do you find yourself saying, "Well, yeah, I'll do it sometime in the future" and put it somewhere at the bottom of the list? Or is it not even on your list? If that's the case, then you should write it down, move it to the top and do it now.

Wessex Scene
Sumbawa: A Hidden Gem

When people hear about Indonesia, almost instantly their mind will drift to Bali. Who doesn't know Bali? A tropical paradise with sandy beaches, clear blue sky, and hot weather. It's a perfect destination with all the beauty (not to mention the low prices).

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