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I'm an experienced Boston-based music journalist and social media professional with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing, social media, and journalism industries. I currently am part of the social media team for Boston's Together Festival. I have previously held staff positions at VICE's Creators and THUMP verticles as well as at Pitchfork/Condé Nast and AdHoc. Skilled in Social Media, Media Relations, Journalism, PR, Video Production, and SEO. Overall a strong media and communication professional and a graduate of Boston's Emerson College with a degree in Journalism.

Allston Pudding
VIDEO PREMIERE: DJ Silky Smooth Ball Out "Learning League" - Allston Pudding

Attention sports fans: your all-time song has finally arrived. It's true, MA/NY based indie pop foursome DJ Silky Smooth have written an ode to lowered (athletic) expectations for the ages. With "Learning League," DJ Silky Smooth's now-locally-based fronter Jacob Schwartz waxes nostalgic about his days in a beginner's recreation basketball league.

Allston Pudding
Premiere: Dirt Buyer - Allston Pudding

is a fairly new and shadowy emo-folk three piece based out of New Jersey. Birthed from the mind of guitarist/vocalist Jackson Sharpe and drummer/producer Orange S and centered around Sharpe's personal and exacting lyricism, the band arose following the dissolution of a few other creative projects.

The Guide to Getting into New Order

The New Order story is the stuff of rock 'n' roll legend: one of the most forward-thinking young bands in music history loses their enigmatic, tortured genius to suicide before they even cross the Atlantic. Rather than stand in Joy Division's dark, imposing shadow, in the aftermath of Ian Curtis's death, the remaining members instead chose to regroup, retool, and repurpose their chemistry.

Model/Actriz's New Video Is A Seriously Twisted Home Movie

The young LA/Boston fourpiece Model/Actriz have previously aligned themselves with No Wave. While their noisy instrumentals do at times resemble that bygone punk era, the industrial-tinged sounds featured across their recent No EP flirt far more with actual dance music.

Sports Coach's New Album Is Not Your Typical Boston Bro-Fest

The music that Boston-based producer Thatcher May makes under the name Sports Coach is, in a word, confounding. Judging from his off-kilter social media presence, one could brush it off as yet another local Bandcamp in-joke gone too far. But there's a strange allure to his homespun electronic recordings as well as his absurd means of presenting it.

Together Boston Is the Rare Festival That Makes Its City Better

Photo courtesy Together. There are a lot of great myths about Boston. There's the Curse of the Bambino, the ghosts in King's Chapel Burying Ground, and more recently, the legend of Joe Sly. But one of its most pernicious (one which even this site has helped propogate) is the notion that the city has an aversion to dance music.

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