Diksha Kuhar

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Location icon USA

Product marketer with a passion for all things content, marketing & tech. That mix ensures I get as excited by marketing products as I do by shaping their narrative and story. I'm known for having an intuitive pulse check on consumer needs and a healthy mix of vision and realism that guarantees strong execution and results.

Having worked at startups and large companies across countries, I'm good at distilling the madness into sound communications and marketing strategy and enjoy the cross-functional collaboration required to make that happen. I currently lead product marketing for LinkedIn's Job Seeker Subscription and enjoy helping professionals across the world land their dream job!

Diksha's Desk
Diksha's Desk

My airport diary is much like the time loop in the movie, Ground Hog's Day. The tragic story repeats itself every time - late departures, canceled flights, even flights that turn around mid-way after fooling me with the initial euphoria of having beaten the curse.

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