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Diandra Sovailescu

Location icon United Kingdom



UCL's Arts and Culture Journal

A review of 'Asmarina' at Film Africa, a documentary that powerfully portrays the ways in which Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees in Italy preserve their cultural heritage.

SAVAGE Journal
Silent Film - A Vocal Legacy

Short in-print article on the history of silent cinema and George Méliès' impact on its development, as well as a discussion on 2011 film The Artist as a homage to a long-gone era.

Academic Work

Dangerous Bodies and Ladykillers - UCL
Reading Marie Cappelle-Lafarge's Memoirs

Essay prompt for my Dangerous Bodies and Ladykillers: Criminality and Gender in 19th Century European Culture and History module.

Publishing and Comparative Literature - UCL
Publishing in the Digital Era : The Question of Access

Collaborative publishing project on the impact of the advent of digital technologies on access to information, containing individual essays on Open Access, Digital Censorship and Copyright Law. Formatted in Adobe InDesign.

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