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Diana Wanamaker

Content Writer - Magazine Articles - Social Media - Creative

Location icon United States

Diana Wanamaker is a freelance writer. Once a Social Media Consultant she has contributed content to social media pages, newsletters & ads resulting in marked success.
Content writing for small business' that provide alternative services and products for horses and pets. Business' that are health and/or environmentally conscience and proactive.

Diana has a life long union with horses and gathers the relief of everyday stress and tension from the tranquility of the time at the barn.
Horses resignate her fondest memories and where many of her creative inspirations for writing stories come from the life with her horses.

Her contrasting antithesis is immersing herself in all the wonders of the internet and the many opportunities that can inspire creativity. Pursuing a variety of projects that include blogging, educating through ebooks and self-publishing her first books.

Life is there for our design and creating, where you cast your own stars, design your own set, and envision the movie of your life for all to see!


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Miscellaneous Writing's

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