Devin Olsen

SEO & Content Manager

Location icon United States

As content manager for multiple eCommerce brands in the health & wellness industry, I’m experienced in blog writing, web content writing, sales copy writing, content optimization, SEO, Google Analytics and other data tools, content strategy, product marketing, and other related areas.

In managing multiple blogs, I’ve been able to develop and manage an editorial calendar for each one. These calendars factor in product launches, audience needs, seasonality, SEO, as well as the plans and campaigns of other teams. To help facilitate content creation I manage a team of external blog writers who work off of this editorial calendar.

I’ve taken the initiative to formulate and execute strategies centered around improving site performance by boosting traffic to the site, improving user metrics, and increasing conversion rate. Such strategies were developed using various performance data and keyword research tools, and actions included changes to site content and structure.

I’ve been heavily involved in working with other teams to plan, develop, and carry out campaigns and product launches from start to finish. These include major marketing campaigns, new and revised programs and eBooks, and new products or flavors.

Working closely with digital marketing specialists, I’ve created content for successful paid social ads as well as email marketing campaigns.

Counting Macros: What, Why, & How To Count Macros?

In an effort to increase user metrics on our top organic trafficked blog, I used Google Page Analytics to identify potential drop-off points and weak spots. I adjusted the on-page design including changing the location of the primary CTA, introducing a hyperlinked table of contents, refreshing images, and spacing the text in a more attractive way. These changes resulted in MoM improvement for several user metrics including bounce rate and time on page.

Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss | IdealShape

This is the landing page for the flagship product of the brand. In an effort to increase user metrics and organic performance, a content overhaul was performed which included a complete on-page re-design and a total re-write based on extensive keyword research. As a result, user metrics, buyer statistics, and organic rankings each showed MoM improvement.

Plant Based Diet Meal Plan for Weight Loss [Recipes Included] | IdealRaw

Using Google Search Console, SEMRush, and Ahrefs, I identified a valuable target keyword and a number of long tail keywords to optimize this blog. Although this blog had been receiving no traffic prior to optimization, it entered our top 10 in organic sessions per month within 6 months.

Your Complete Guide to CBD Oil: Benefits, Side Effects & More

This is a freelance blog I wrote for a company that requested a heavy reference to scientific evidence and research studies. I was not presented with the source material, but was charged with identifying and interpreting each of the studies linked to in the article.

The Ultimate 3-Day Detox Plan | IdealRaw

This blog was written to support a new program launch and was meant to provide educational value while still promoting our product. Although it was not primarily written for SEO purposes, it gained traction on Google and began producing organic traffic within a couple of months. It also features an infographic I created.

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