Derrick Hill


Derrick Hill is a feature contributor and columnist for the Shelbyville Times Gazette. A lover of all things Southern, he specializes in finding the untold stories of the rural south. Derrick also contributed to the Tennessee Literary Project by interviewing celebrated authors residing in the state including William Gay and Amy Greene. When he isn't writing, Derrick enjoys reading, painting, playing guitar, and spending time with his beautiful wife as they chase their two toddler daughters.

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History in paintings: Bowling's walls portray his life

Sitting in his easy chair, Ray Bowling is still a little sore from a fall the previous day. The fall required an emergency room visit to get checked out, but he's still in good spirits as he recovers. Looking around Bowling's house, the walls do talk.

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When the Trumpet Sounds

When the plates find their motions blocked, stress builds up. Finally, the fault gives way. The released energy races through the Earth. -- National Geographic. In case you haven't read, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake wreaked havoc across Nepal this past week. A 7.8 magnitude is a pretty big earthquake. On Richter scale a 7.8 is near the top. Anywhere above an 8 on the Richter scale and you can pretty well expect most, if not all structures to be flatted, the ground to open up, rivers dammed,...

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Songs of life: Jerry Woodward lives for his guitar

Tucked away in the surrounding woods sits the cozy cabin-style home of Jerry Woodward, lifelong guitar player. Moving up his long driveway, it seems like the perfect getaway--a quiet place, away from the noise. With the river nearby, one can imagine the many nights Woodward has sat outside on his deck and plucked away at his six-string, coming up with tunes or rehearsing for his next gig.

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Path to the stars: Hix sees bigger universe beyond Possum Trot

Sitting in his office at Motlow College surrounded by awards and memorabilia from his years of teaching and working with NASA, Billy Hix tells of his early childhood memories of growing up on Possum Trot Road. Memories revisited to paint a larger picture--a picture that reveals why Hix is so passionate about science and knowledge.

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Brothers in sound: Cataldos take their music seriously.

"I should probably figure out what sound I want first." His brother laughs and Asher immediately goes back to work at the keyboard. It's a couple of hours into their studio session and Asher Cataldo is working on what he calls one of his "poppier" tunes...

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Wood comes alive; McGee's figurines depict Southern life

"Let me tell you what kind of business man I am," says Grady McGee as he reaches to the top shelf of a bookcase and retrieves two large, African-inspired figures--they are solid wood and hand carved by McGee himself. "That poet from Bell Buckle, Maggi Vaughn," said McGee. "She was sitting on that couch right there and offered me $200 for these."

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Riding the Wave

Habakkuk 1:14 I find it surprising that no one has ever been hurt at Walt Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon wave pool, because I have been in that wave pool and I remember being tossed to-and-fro rather violently.