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More than a building

Iwan Baan has dedicated his life to exploring ingenious approaches to our ‘built environment’. He travels 360 days a year to work with both world-class architects and pursue his interest in informal, self-built spaces. CPN Web Editor Deniz Dirim spoke to Iwan on his need to document, not just buildings, but where and how we define the boundaries within which we live.

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Work every angle

Dutch-Ecuadorian photographer Cris Toala Olivares is one of the new breed of young photographers carving out an eclectic career. He is fascinated by natural phenomena and engineered natural wonders, which he documents from helicopters and with drones as well as from the ground. His comprehensive work on volcanic eruptions, the Wadden Sea and Amsterdam’s canal belt speak to the beauty of working every angle. But as Cris explains to CPN Web Editor Deniz Dirim, to reach new heights you need to...

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The future may surprise you

Journalist Stephanie Bakker and photographer Yvonne Brandwijk’s multimedia project ‘Future Cities’ explores five surprising hotspots for growth. The web documentary – which was awarded Innovative Storytelling, third prize in World Press Photo’s 2017 Digital Storytelling Contest – breaks new ground in both topic and delivery. CPN Web Editor Deniz Dirim speaks to the pair on steering away from traditional media and deepening the partnership between writer and photographer.

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Perfecting the difficult shoot

Top advertising and commercial portrait photographer Tom Barnes is no stranger to difficult shoots. His way of working is proof that people, no matter their status, give more when they can have a laugh. CPN Web Editor Deniz Dirim discovers how he manages to get the most from his subjects and why the EOS 5DS helps him achieve the speed and precision required for big campaigns...

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Looking further than the frontline

Istanbul-based photographer Nicole Tung has experienced her fair share of the frontline, documenting conflicts in Libya, Syria and Iraq. While she still believes frontline photography to be crucial, over time, she has widened her view to also show the lasting effects of war on civilians.

Pop-up stores and the Fear of Missing Out

Imagine yourself on a street with two doors. You are told you can open Door A indefinitely, but can only open Door B for a limited amount of time; which do you choose first? Pop-up shops hook passersby and encourage purchasing by tapping into the fear of missing out. Temporary retail shops create a sense of urgency with customers, especially when combined with the prospect of play.

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