Denise Brodey

Versatile B2B Content Writer. Leader. Visionary Advocate for People with Disabilities in the Workplace.

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I am a passionate, thoughtful, creative, unboxed thinker with copywriting, journalism and content management expertise. I help organizations collaborate internally to offer their strongest brand statements to stakeholders, partners, and consumers.

The 30-second overview.
Career accomplishments include
• top positions at USA TODAY, Fitness, Glamour, Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford
• bylines in New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Medium.
• experience writing marketing/SEO copy for Salesforce, Trulia, Meredith, Tribune, Boston Globe,, EdSurge
• The Elephant In the Playroom (Penguin) was chosen as a Library Journal Best Book

Skills/programs I use often: Adobe, Constant Contact, Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics, Slack, Trello, Twitter, Pocket, Wix, WordPress, and Zoom.

The marketing content I write outperforms my competitors often because it is well-researched and clearly aligning with business goals. I am known for:
—tripling newsletter open rates to 40% monthly (above industry standard)
—delivering well-crafted collateral for national brands on a tight deadline
—helping influential CEO's speak positively about difficult topics as a ghostwriter

See my portfolio, below.

My business and health journalism is lively, truthful, and packed with interviews and expertise. I am a keen observer adept at quickly adopting a brand voice. My success is due to hard work, but also the fact that I truly enjoy funneling other people's ideas into purposeful, clearly written copy.

Again, see my portfolio, below. Thank you. Stay well.

The Inner Lives of Women with Learning Disabilities

Life in the learning disability (LD) 'club' comes with a lot of fun, creativity, intelligence and flexibility, but it also has its share of unspoken anxiety and embarrassment. It's often an endless loop of feeling crunched for time while having no way to solve any problem quickly - or do basic things, like take a breath.

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Today, employees trust their coworkers more than their leaders with their mental health issues. Americans are confiding in their peers about anxiety, stress, depression and burn-out, crossing the traditional line in the sand that was once drawn to keep personal issues or feelings out of the workplace.

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TravelAbility Insider

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Hiring Diverse Minds | Rebel Talent | United States

New in 2020: The Elephant in the Office, By Denise Brodey Available now on AMAZON (part 2 of the elephants-everywhere series.) REBEL TALENT founder, book author and Senior Contributor at FORBES, Denise Brodey writes and speaks about helping diverse minds-and she does it with eye-opening candor and uncommon humor.

National Print Marketing & Branding Work Samples

Maketing Collateral for Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford
Bringing Our Values to Life

An Outline of Federation's 40+ local partners that help save lives, care for the neediest and bring Jewish values to life.


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