Delesia Watson

Copywriter. Storyteller

By day, I help brands shape and share their narrative with their various target audiences.
By night I'm a blogger, Instagrammer and live-tweeter.
Occasionally, I'm a speechwriter.
But on an average day, I am witty, compassionate, a natural proofreader, defender of the First Amendment
...and I always write professionally with a great deal of personality.


Stories about People

The Guardian
When it comes to youth beauty pageants, France 'ne comprend pas' | Delesia Watson

We live in a world where Honey Boo Boo is a household name and some women base their self-esteem off how many "Likes" they receive on a given Instagram or Facebook post. Now the newly crowned Miss America - who, although of Indian descent, was born and raised in America - is being criticized for not being "American enough".

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