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DeeDee Andrews

Writer. Strategist. Marketer.

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I believe that the mark of a good writer is explaining a complicated idea in simple language.

The Benefits Trust
The Smart Employer's Guide to Healthcare Spending Accounts

Healthcare Spending Accounts (HCSA) are a popular addition to conventional group health and dental plans. They are practical, affordable, flexible, and a cost-effective way to meet the changing needs of many employers and diverse needs of many employees.

HighView Financial Group
Debunking the Investment Industry: Relative Benchmarking

How is your investment manager benchmarking the success of your portfolio? This is a very important question, made all the more crucial because how your portfolio’s performance is judged – the benchmark against which it is being measured – can completely change the way your portfolio is structured.

Self Management Group
How to Select the Right People for Competitive Sales Environments

You know you can't succeed without plenty of talent on your sales team. Extremely talented salespeople who are ready to put in the effort required can be hard to come by; but once you find them, they're invaluable to your organization.

Bronte Village Vet
New Dog Owner Guide

Dogs are an endless source of joy, laughter, and love – but they are also a big responsibility. This guide is for you if you’ve never owned a dog before, you haven’t owned a dog in a long time, or you’d like to teach your children about owning a dog!

Roger R Foisy Injury Law Firm
The Long Term Disability Insurance Process and Why It Can Fail

Many people with valid long term disability (LTD) claims are denied. Why does this happen? Shouldn't our system have processes in place to ensure that those who need long term disability receive it? The unfortunate reality is that the process for receiving long term disability insurance is broken, and there isn't a single place to lay the blame.

Case Study: Roadside Wildlife Warning System

Each year, North America experiences over 1,000,000 wildlife/vehicle crashes, which result in an estimated $1.2 billion in property damage and over 100 fatalities. Rotalec partnered with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to develop and install a solution to either deter wildlife or warn oncoming traffic when wildlife was near.

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