Deborah Heslop


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MFA candidate in Creative Writing at UBC.
With a degree in biology and a diploma in piano.
Contact: [email protected]


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Do Canadians care about ethical leadership?

As Green Party Leader Elizabeth May prepared for the upcoming federal election, she realized she had a shortcoming: managing inevitable smear campaigns from opposing parties. She appointed a protector: political dark-arts specialist Warren Kinsella.

PRISM international
Fighting for Space: An Interview with Travis Lupick

Too often, the story of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is told solely through statistics of opioid overdose deaths, but award-winning journalist Travis Lupick delves into the community's heart and grit in his book Fighting for Space: How a Group of Drug Users Transformed One City's Struggle with Addiction (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2017).


On Flight & Flooring It

In some parts of the world (specifically mine) Mother Nature opted to skip spring this year and instead fast-forwarded to the golden hues and blazing temperatures of summer. However, despite the disguised weather, there were still some poignant signs of spring. If you were paying attention.

The Mean Thing

Once, when I was young (like, barely into the double-digits), I did something really mean. It was well intentioned—enlightened even, I thought at the time—although ultimately misguided. Very misguided.

Reconciliation Choreography

One of the things I've noticed about being alive is that there's really no way to avoid conflict. Sometimes bad things just happen. I've done my share of travelling and from what I can tell, there's no utopic place where everybody gets along all the time.


VISA (Mensa Travel Magazine)
A Wild and Rocky Summer

Growing up, I was blinded by two distinct naiveties. One was that everyone had a splendour analogous to the Rocky Mountains in their backyard. The other was that I would make a great stunt car driver.

VISA (Mensa Travel Magazine)
Not so Romantic?

From the front seat of the vaporetto, with the water reflecting the decadent lights of the refurbished fondaco houses along the Grand Canal, one of the first things to become readily apparent upon entering Venice is that it is a testament: not just to a unique way of life, but to an idea.

VISA (Mensa Travel Magazine)
Cannes You Feel It?

One of the items on my Bucket List has been to attend the Cannes Film Festival and actually – wait for it – watch the films.


Movie Time Guru
May the Force... Whatever...

For a while in London, I lived down the street from Dr. Who's Magic Telephone Booth. I think there's an actual name for it, but I don't know what it is, on account of never seeing the show. I know. Inexcusable. I just count my lucky stars there were no questions about it on the British citizenship exam.

Not An Actor

Back when I used to work on film sets, whenever I would get into a cocktail conversation about my work, there was one pesky question that constantly found me: “Do you do any acting?” As though every crewmember carries a deep-seated belief that they’re on the wrong side of the camera.